Serving Our Community Since 1953

In 1953, a group of individuals in St. Jacobs got together to form their own Lions Club so as to serve the community in ways that they could not as individuals. The founding charter was granted on October 14, 1953 and presented by the sponsoring Waterloo Lions Club at a Charter Night held at Leisure World in Preston on November 12, 1953. Since that time the tradition of community involvement has continued and evolved.
Charter Members 1953 - 54
G. Brown W. Cotie D. Derbecker
S. E. Derbecker W. Derbecker K. Fischer
P. Holle A. House O. Huehn
W. Martin M. Metzger E. Mitchener
K. Nabert C. Sauder L. Schlitt
M. Schlitt E. Schmidt M. Snyder
M. Smith O. J. Smith O. W. Smith
G. N. Thompson J. Tindall A. Welker
Dr. D. F. Young    
The club held its first meetings at the Dominion Hotel (now Benjamin's Inn) and later upstairs in the old Fire Hall on King Street with the members' wives catering the meals.
In 1967 as part of the Centennial Celebration, the Lions of St Jacobs with the assistance of a Township of Woolwich Centennial Grant and a 10 year morgage paid for by the club, built the Woolwich Community Centre which was then donated to the Township. 
Since that time numerous changes and improvements have occurred including the addition of inside steps, handicap accesible washrooms and a cloak room in 1981 and in 1987 an elevator for second floor access with the Lions Club continuing to provide the funds and labour. To this day, the Club continues to administer and maintain the hall.
St Jacobs Lions funded the addition of a handycap lift in the St Jacobs Health Centre and were involved in the installation of the original ice surface next door to the Community Centre which was later covered by the Township to create an indoor rink. 
The Lions of St Jacohs continue to work on many projects for the area, as well as Regional, Provincial and International concerns. The Lions creed is "Knights Of The Blind", a title bestowed upon them by Helen Keller. Many Lions projects deal with this issue including Dogs for the Blind, Eyeglass Recycling, Diabetes awareness and third world clinics designed to help eradicate preventable blindness.
Projects like these can only happen when concerned individuals put their collective efforts to best use. St Jacohs Lions Club wishes to continue our efforts for humanity,  and are actively looking for more caring individuals who can give a little of their time and energies to help those who cannot help themselves.
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