1) Our Club New Managing Body is being elected Unanimously for the Lionistic Year 2018-19 as follows:

President: Ln O Sunder Ramaiah 

Secretary: Ln N Raghu Rami Reddy  

Treasurer: Ln KV Sesha Reddy

Membership Chairman : Ln Dinesh Patel

1a) Our Club new body for the Year 2018 19 has been ELECTED  by 15th APR 2018.

2)   Our senior Lion, Ln N Raghu Rami Reddy ie Lion Raghu Namdyala ,was in DENVER ,USA from 13th July 2014 onwards til JAN 2015. Previously also he was on a visit to USA, was in Denver,Colorado state attended the lions meeting  as a guest lion of Highlands Ranch Lion CLUB of Denver,USA in Lion Dist 6C. He  met the PDG / PST and members of that club and also  exchanged  the ideas on our Lion Club service activities in that club meeting. NOW again he met the HIGHLANDS RANCH LC members & both agreed upon to have INTERNATIONAL CLUB TWINNING. Then SUCCESSFULLY both clubs had the TINNING & the same is recognised by the LCI & BOTH CLUBS RECEIVED THE CLUB TWINNING PATCH.   


     For information :  Our senior Lion, Ln N Raghu Rami Reddy ie Lion Raghu Namdyala , in his visit to USA, was in Denver,Colorado state and attended the lions meeting as a guest lion of HIGHLANDS RANCH LIONS CLUB of Denver,USA in Lion Dist 6C. After meetig  the PST and members of that club and exchaged the ideas on our Lion Club service activities,also done with that club an INTERNATIONAL CLUB TWINNING activity.  For this activity our Snehanagar Lions Club PST has  permitted and authorised Ln Raghu Rami Reddy  Namdyala, to go ahead and do the needful. Both the club Presidents  have accepted and   enthusiastically  finalised this important activity.

  It is being reported to Lions Clubs International, along with letters and photos also. We have got the TWINNING PATCH from LC International.

   For the same, our Dist Govorner also has given a good recognition patch in his meeting in JAN 2015.

3) Our Dist 320 C has coducted its elctions for 2018-19. The New DG is Ln Dr G S Prahalad .

The 1st VDG is Ln Ravindranath Gupta & 2nd VDG is Ln K Krishna Murty

4) We have adopted one OLDAGE HOME namely SRI SAI AMRUTA SENIOR CITIZEN HOME situated at Street#8, Habsiguda to help the inmates to have living comforts mentally and health point of view.

5) Our club has taken  the DG's OFFICIAL VISIT   on Sunday,17-3-2019 & accepted by                  DG Ln G S Prahlad. .

6) For the Lionistic year 2018-19,In Dist 320 C, our club ZONE CHAIRPERSON is Ln PV JOSE( HC-LC Tarnaka) & REGION CHAIRPERSON is Ln Santosh Kumar & DIST CABINET SECRETARY is Ln Jayanth Singh (HC-Paradise ) & Dist CABINET TREASURER is Ln G Jagadish Rao.

7) We are doing FREE MEGA DENTAL & FREE MEGA EYE CHECKUP CAMPS continuously from JULY 2018. 


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