1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018

President: JOHN LAW

Treasurer: ROGER HOPE


1st Vice President: BRIAN ALGER

2nd Vice President: ROY SHARRAD



The minutes from the very first meeting were:

A meeting of the provisional formation of the Sevenoaks Lions Club was held at 20:00 hours on 3rd July 1968, in ‘The Railway Tavern’, Bradbourne Vale Road, Sevenoaks. Those present were

John Sharrad, Paul Hayden, Brian Tingley, Brian Page, Dennis Gurr, Jim Lockyer, Bert Snelling, Bob Jordan, John Buckwell, Dick Bird, Ken Campbell, Jack Anderson and Hugh Lindskog.

Also present were current members of Lions Club Formations from Gravesend and Tonbridge who had kindly attended to advise on procedure and offer advice as necessary. Also, the Zone Chairman of the Lions District 105 attended the meeting.

The Chairman, John Sharrad, having confirmed that all present were desirous of servicing the Community and forming a local ‘Lions Club’, also that the agreed subscription of £5 had been received by the Secretary, stated that he and Paul Hayden had only provisionally taken the Chair to get the meeting started. He asked the Zone Chairman to take the Chair for nominations of a President, Secretary and Treasurer.

It was proposed by Denis Gurr that John Sharrad be nominated as the first ever President of the Sevenoaks Lions Club, this was seconded by Brian Page. The Proposal was carried unanimously. Paul Hayden then proposed Ken Campbell as Secretary and this was seconded by Brain Tingley. Ken Campbell proposed Brain Tingley as Treasurer, this was quickly seconded by Paul Hayden, no doubt to ensure that he himself was not nominated. The proposal was carried unanimously.

The meeting then discussed the geographical area the Club should cover and it as agreed unanimously that it adopt the Sevenoaks Urban and Rural District area.

As to the venue of the Club, it was decided that it was better to try various conference rooms that were available and then decide that which suited the Club’s purposes the best.

The proposal by Paul Hayden that the Club hold two meetings a month was seconded by Brian Paige and carried unanimously. After consultation amongst the Lions as to the most convenient days and weeks of the month suitable to the majority, a motion was made by Burt Snelling and supported by Brian Tingley, that a Business Meeting be held on the fourth Wednesday in the month and a Social Meeting be held on the second Thursday of the month.

After a brief explanation by the Zone Chairman and comments by Paul Hayden; Paul proposed that the Club adopt a standard format of Constitution and By-Laws, Chartered by and under the jurisdiction of the International Association of Lions Club, subject to amendments by the Club, if and when it found itself in disagreement with its wording or function. Brian Tingley seconded the proposal and the motion was carried unanimously.

Paul Hayden stated that we now had thirteen Lions Members and they only needed two more to become an Official Formation and subsequently Chartered. He still had the names of a number individuals who had professed themselves interested in the basic projects and activities of the Lions, and he was sure he could obtain at least another two paid up members that were necessary within the next month. Paul then proposed that the Meeting agree to arrange a definite date with the Lions Zone Chairman present. Before this motion could be seconded, the President threw open the subject for discussion and the Zone Chairman pointed out that there was only one date available at the end of July that the necessary Formation and Charter could be achieved, because of holiday time. Ken Campbell submitted a further proposal, that the Meeting provisionally consider the fourth Wednesday in September, by which time we would definitely know whether or not we had the requisite numbers and most of the holidays would be finished. This second motion was seconded by Bert Snelling and carried unanimously.

The official Formation of Sevenoaks Lions Club took place on 25th September 1968 and the Charter presentation on 20th November 1969.

Since its Formation, there have been over 150 Club members.



The Lions Club of Sevenoaks has been twinned with a German Lions club, the Lions Club of Hofgeismar, since 1981. The members of the Sevenoaks Club were privileged to be invited to attend the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the formation of the Hofgeismar club in May 2013.



The Lions Clubs in the SE of England have joined together to support the Haematology Department at Kings College Hospital. So far £500,000 has been raised to fund the provision of new equipment.  The Department will move to its new Clinical Research Facility during the next  twelve months and it will need even more new instruments to enable it to treat lymphoma and leukaemia. Lions plan to raise £100,00 to fund this kit.

Learn more about the LIBRA the Lions charity that supports Kings College Hospital by visiting the LIBRA website.

In addition, Lions in the SE are supporting the Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance. They have committed to give £250,000 over the next ten years to enable the helicopter to fly at night. This will permit the Air Ambulance Service to respond to life-threatening incidents during the hours of darkness.

Both these projects will provide substantial benefits to the people of Sevenoaks and North Kent. The Lions Club of Sevenoaks has made significant contributions to both schemes.

Visit the Kent, Susses and Surrey Air Ambulance website for further details.


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