We spend about £30,000 each year on projects that benefit our community.

We focus our financial and human resources on four areas; families in need, children, senior citizens and the handicapped.  We strive to ensure that every penny of income is employed to generate the maximum advantage to the District.

We are conscious of your trust and strive to spend wisely the money that you give us. Each year we provide financial aid to numerous initiatives. We also carry out special projects proposed by Social Services, other support organisations, local charities or individuals. Sometimes this takes the form of financial support or equipment for hard-pressed familes.

If you have a suggestion that you would like us to consider, please get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page.

Recent support has been on providing:

  • A new fridge freezer for a Senior Citizen in need
  • Counselling sessions for local suffferers of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Memory sticks to help Kent Association for the Blind
  • Financial help for the Children's Respite Trust

Below are some other examples of where we have helped the local community:


Amherst Medical Centre

As part of a 100 year celebration since the formation of Lions Clubs across the world and a commitment by Clubs in the South East of England to provide 100 defibrillators in the area, our Club recently purchased a new unit for Amherst Medical Centre in order to replace their old one which was beyond repair.

The picture below shows the machine being presented by Lions Alan and Chris to Patient Participation Group Chair Alison Bull, Dr Kate Lay and PPG member Anna Burns along with a commemorative plaque to go with it.

Picture by Caro (


Riding for the Disabled

Back in 1986, our Club purchased a specially adapted carriage for the Bradbourne Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). After many years of good use, the carriage was finally in need of replacement. So that's exactly what we recently did!


Christmas Parcels

At Christmas we deliver parcels containing seasonal fare to 120 families nominated by local organisations and charities.

This adds a spice of Christmas cheer to those who may not be able to purchase all the goods for themselves.



Excursions for senior citizens

Each year during the summer months we have organised six excursions for senior citizens. These events have proved so popular that we have arranged with the Volunteer Bureau (VAWK) to deliver 40 trips throughout the year.

The trips will take place in a minibus and the Lions Club pays for the transport element of the outings. The other elements of the event (e.g. lunch) are paid for by the attendees.


Family Holidays

In May, we send two local families for holidays on the South coast; one for a pair of senior citizens (normally one of whom is disabled) and a second for a family with young children. We provide full board and lodging plus access to organised entertainment.


Free summer activities for children

Our Club has financed a series of activities for children. These are managed either by the KCC or by West Kent Extra. We finance activities:

  • at Easter, (play-in-a-day), managed by West Kent Extra,
  • in the summer, eight activities for groups of children (managed by KCC Social Services).The events include bowling, tennis, a day camp in Edenbridge and trips to the Rare Breeds Centre. The aim was to provide children with an exciting and stimulating series of activities.
  • at Christmas we finance a party for around 100 needy children and send around 20 children to a pantomime.


Hospice in the Weald

Sevenoaks Lions Club has provided financial support for the Hospice in the Weald since its inception. Indeed, we made a contribution to its building costs.

We purchased a lymphodema machine which helps treat women who have had breast cancer and a movement therapy machine which helps strengthen patient’s degenerating muscles and enables them to cope longer for themselves.

Over the years, we have:

  • donated an awning under which day patients can sit outside in the sun
  • provided a sophisticated reclining chair for the day room so that patients can sit comfortably
  • provided computers with relevant software to assist in the management of the organisation.

In 2016, a small delegation of Sevenoaks Lions Club Members attended the Hospice and were shown by their Fundraisers some hoists to aid patient movement that we contributed to.

The delegation were offered a few nibbles and a drink, were thanked for our continued support and were also informed that we had in total, supported the Hospice over the years to the tune of over £56,000.

Learn more from the Hospice in the Weald web site.



We help the elderly and handicapped maintain their gardens by clearing and tidying difficult areas.


We have also created special gardens for disabled people and for organisations like Sevenoaks hospital.





We have assisted local charities and public organisations by decorating parts of their premises.





Ryder House

Sevenoaks Lions Clubhas has made a significant contribution to refurnishing Ryder House in Tunbridge Wells which is operated by the YMCA and provides accommodation for 34 homeless youngsters. On average there are between 8-10 people from the Sevenoaks area (normally referred by Sevenoaks District Council) in residence.

The YMCA runs numerous courses and workshops to help these young people with basic cooking, management of money, self-esteem and job interview techniques. On average they stay at Ryder House for 13 months after which they are ready to cope with the outside world. Find out more on the Ryder House web site.


MacIntyre Care

MacIntyre Care provides learning, support and care for people with learning disabilities. In Sevenoaks it provides accommodation and support for nine people. Our Club has provided continued support for MacIntyre. It contributed half the cost of a summer house which the residents use as a communal space and later completely refurnished this area with solid, comfortable chairs and settees.

We also purchased twenty talking albums for the organisation. These are used to enable residents who cannot read to select their menu for the day or to do their own shopping. They can also provide more complex information such as how to make a will and how to report hate attacks.  You can learn more about MacIntyre from its web site.


Life Skills

UK Lions owns a not-for-profit company, Tacade, which provides a range of books and games designed to promote the health and well-being of children and young people. They are intended to provide teachers and youth leaders with material for lessons or discussions on subjects such as; alcohol, citizenship, drugs, gambling, bereavement, sexual relationships and smoking. Sevenoaks Lions Club provides copies for local schools and organisations which deal with young people. More information can be found here on the Life Skills web site.


Working with other Clubs
As well as supporting various organisations and individuals in our local community, from time to time Sevenoaks Lions Club also joins forces with other nearby Lions Clubs to support worthy causes which touch the lives of those in the South East.
Our most recent collaboration was to support SERV Kent to the tune of £1,750. SERV Kent, also known as the 'Bloodrunners', is a charity that transports blood products and samples for the accident and emergency hospitals and blood banks across southern England at night, weekends and Bank Holidays.
Local hospices (including Demelza House and Ellenor) are supported by SERV Kent with the transport of small equipment and medicines as well as essential samples for patients on home dialysis.
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