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Lions Kids Sight, USA

Riverdale Lion’s Club has performed 4 vision screenings as a club since school has begun.

At Greenwood Charter School two of us screened 334 Children with 35 Referred. At Davinci Kindergarten, two of us scanned 33 kids with 2 referrals. At Davinci elementary, three of us scanned 256 kids with 40 referred.

We also have six scheduled screenings for Davinci Virtual and Distance Programs; one was completed Monday the  8th, where 35 kids were screened, 0 referred, one is scheduled on the 10th, then the 22nd, 23rd, 25th, and 29th.  We have also been called upon to help with a screening in Park City on the 26th, where we will be using Snell charts as well as the Spot Scanner.

Thank you for all who have helped.




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