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Multan City Lions Club is a very senior Club of Multan Area. Charted in April 1982 was sponsored by Lion Sheikh Riaz Mahmood of Multan Host Lions Club. Its Charter President was Bilal A. Sheikh and Charter Secretary Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq (late) and the Guiding Lion was Sheikh Riaz Mahmood. From the very start it was a very active Club, doing projects like Scholarships for needy Medical and other Students. The prime Project was Qasim Blind Center.

This Club has experienced many ups and downs. In 1994 the Club was just a shadow of the old club it had only 10 members, as Sheikh Riaz Mahmood as both sponsor and as Guiding Lion of the Club was given a task to rebuild this club. In 1994 with the permission of the Board of Directors of Multan Host Lions Club he got transfer to Multan City Lions Club, in the same year Dr Saeed Ahmad, Khawaja Abid Hassan Butt and Rafi Ahmad Ansari also took transfer to Multan City Lions Club and this group of 4 started rebuilding this Club,it was our good luck that a dedicated worker in the shape of Dr saeed Ahmad came to this Club and he with the aid of Sheikh Riaz Mahmood rebuilded the Club to 75 members. Since then the club never looked back, started its projects with a new zest. At the moment the club has many projects the main projects are Blind Center, Two Free Medical Camps every month, Eye Screening of School Children, Vocational Center and Free Copies and books for school students, Free Eye Camps and occasional Corneal Grafting.

At the moment we have only One Chartered Member MJF Sheikh Abdul Hameed. We have Four Melvin Jone Follows namely; MJF Abdul Hameed Sheikh, MJF Dr Saeed Ahmad Sheikh, MJF Ilyas Anwar Sheikh and MJF Sheikh Muhammad Aslam Qila Walay. Our Other Two Fellows are Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq (Late) and Malik Muhammad Saleem (Retired). We have many Key Members the Main are Dr Saeed Ahmad with 65 Members and Sheikh Riaz Mahmood with 60 members. In Extension Dr Saeed Ahmad sponsored 10 New Clubs and Sheikh Riaz Mahmood 7 New Clubs.



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