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Webinars are virtual training, generally one hour long, that are conducted online with a group of participants and instructors. Participants use the Internet to connect the group members with the instructors. The webinars are recorded, so that those that were unable to view the live session can watch the recording.

This page provides and index and links to the webinars. For those that have already occurred, a link to the recording is provided. For those that are scheduled to occur in the next 6 months, links to the registration location are provided. Most webinars require pre-registration.

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Membership Webinars:

New Monthly Membership Webinars that provide the opportunity for Lions to learn about and discuss various membership topics.  Connect with Lions around the world, and expand your reach! Below are a list of upcoming monthly webinars. Register today!

  • Webinar Description Dates/Times

    One Great Adventure (75 minutes)
    Join a zone chairperson on his year of adventure, including challenges, allies, tools and gear, necessary skills, obstacles, and the final triumph of the Zone Chairperson award. An engaging way to understand what it takes to excel in this vital Lions position.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and prospective zone chairpersons

    Go for the GOAL
    Transform your club by going for the GOAL— Growth, Orientation, Activity, and Leadership. Growth is a membership growth plan; orientation is mentoring new Lions; activity is strong service projects and leadership is a club leadership development plan. Learn how GOAL can take your club to the next level.

    Intended Audience:
    Club officers and board members

    The Role of the Cabinet Secretary
    Provides training and guidance for this essential district position. The presentation reviews the cabinet secretary responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. Content includes a review of the MyLCI cabinet secretary features.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and incoming cabinet secretaries

    Effective Club Meetings
    This webinar provides the basics of good meeting management including planning, agenda preparation, essential facilitations skills and post-meeting evaluation. A must for any Lion who wants to facilitate productive meetings that keep members engaged.

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions


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    Harmony in the Pride
    Understanding generational differences can assist with both member recruitment and retention. This presentation explores diverse motivations among Lions and how each constituency can find and value varying perspectives to “strengthen the pride.”

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions


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    Because a Cape Would Get in the Way
    Become a Lions superhero! Presentation will guide Lions in discovering their superpowers, understanding their mission, considering the right tools, knowing their fatal weakness, and the importance of sidekicks. Join us for this fun and enriching perspective on Lionism.

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions

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    Project Management
    Effective project management is one of the foundations of a successful Lions club. Participants will learn the characteristics of effective project managers, review the five phases of service project management and enjoy a case study of a current successful Lions club project.

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions

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    Minding Your Members—Leading Strong Teams
    Develop confident and creative Lions teams through intuitive leadership that includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and communication skills. Presentation offers practical scenarios in which Lions demonstrate best team leadership practices in everyday club situations.

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions

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    You’ve Been a Club President…What’s Next?
    Follow the journey of three Past Club Presidents as they continue their Lionism at the club, district, and zone levels. Content includes discussion of creating a personal mission statement, the district committee structure, one path to the zone chairperson role and suggestions for continued service at the club level.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and past club presidents who want to explore district-level opportunities

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    Lionism as a Past District Governor
    Lionism as a Past District Governor is an honor which offers both challenges and opportunities. In this webinar we will explore the characteristics and qualities of a Past District Governor, the unique challenges of Lionism as a Past District Governor, and possible roles a Past District Governor could pursue that are both personally satisfying and that further the mission and goals of LCI.

    Intended Audience:
    District Governors and Past District Governors


Recent Monthly Membership Webinars Index:

Click on the hyperlinked date to view the webinar:

  1. February 18, 2014: Family and Friends Month

    April is Family and Friends Month and your opportunity to invite family and friends to learn, serve and celebrate with your club. Listen in for ideas on how your club can participate and learn about the Lions World Lunch Relay and contest.


  2. February 12, 2014: Conducting Your Own New Club Development Workshop

    Learn how to set up and facilitate your own workshop on forming new clubs in your district.


  3. November 21, 2013: GMT: The Coordinators Role in Forming New Clubs

    Learn the GMT coordinators role and their responsibilities for new club development. This netcast is not just for multiple district and district GMT coordinators, but for the entire GMT team.


  4. October 29, 2013: Achieving Your Club Dream Through Club Excellence

    Learn how your club can achieve more by going through the Club Excellence Process. Also, hear from Lions who have been through CEP and how it positively impacted their club and experience.


  5. August 6, 2013: Listen to a special message to membership chairpersons from International President Barry Palmer.

    Due to technological difficulties with the webinar system, the Club Membership Chairperson Netcast did not record. In lieu of the netcast, listen to a special message to club membership chairpersons from International President Barry Palmer.


  6. July 31, 2013: Just Ask! Guide

    Although the concept is simple – just ask community members to join – it’s important to ensure your club is ready to invite and welcome new members and manage club growth. Attend this Netcast to learn about the new Just Ask! New Member Recruiting Guide so you are successful when you’re ready to ask.


  7. May 22, 2013: Inviting, Inducting, and Involving New Members

    Discussion on Inviting, Inducting, and Involving New Members.


  8. April 30, 2013: Women and Family Development

    Why women and family members? How can we attract them? Find out what the Women’s & Family Membership Development Task Force members have learned.


  9. March 27, 2013: Must Knows for Chartering New Clubs

  10. February 27, 2013: Club Branches

  11. January 23, 2013:  Membership Recruiting Ideas

  12. November 28, 2012: The Club Excellence Process Success Stories

  13. October 24, 2012: Global Membership Team

  14. September 26, 2012: October Growth and Retention

  15. August 22, 2012: Campus Clubs and Student Members


Officer and Leadership Webinars::

Each of these webinars focus on specific role or responsibility. Clicking here will open a new page that list and provides access to the following webinars:

  1. Club President: Leading and Managing

    Opportunities and responsibilities of the club president, the traits of an effective leader, how to maintain connections with all club members and the path to club excellence.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and potential club presidents


  2. Club Secretary Training

    How to login, submit membership and service activity reports, and use club member data. Includes a discussion of club secretary responsibilities and a demonstration of the MyLCI website.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and incoming club secretaries


  3. Club Treasurer Training

    How to login, run reports, download club billing invoices and submit payments online. Includes a discussion of club treasurer responsibilities and a demonstration of the MyLCI website.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and incoming club treasurers


  4. Zone Chairperson Training

    Learn how the role of zone chairperson is vital to the support of clubs including coaching and motivating club leaders to dream and to set goals to achieve those dreams.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and incoming zone chairpersons


  5. LCI Ethics and the Role of the Leader

    Overview of eight LCI ethical standards and the role of the Lion leader in ethics training and communication. Includes specific examples of the positive application of LCI ethics in sensitive club situations and a focus on election conduct.

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions


  6. Leadership Resources on the Web

    Participants take a tour of available materials and discover how web resources can assist club and district leaders/officers. Focus on the Leadership Resource Center and its role in developing the skills and knowledge of Lions leaders.

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions


  7. The Dream Continues: Lionism as a Past District Governor

    Webinar addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of Lion life after service as a District Governor.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and past district governors


  8. You’ve been a Club President…What’s Next?

    Explores district-level leadership opportunities including committees, chairperson opportunities and the zone chairperson role.

    Intended Audience:
    Current and past club presidents who want to explore district-level opportunities


  9. Is it Your Dream to Become a District Governor?

    Review the role and responsibilities of the district governor position. Learn about typical district level leadership development, opportunities and training.

    Intended Audience:
    Lions who are interested in the path to district governorship


  10. Conflict Resolution

    Webinar disarms the idea of conflict by revealing the benefits of conflict, the five typical ways conflict is managed, the pros and cons of various approaches and conflict management “best practices.

    Intended Audience:
    All Lions



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