MANILA INFINITY LIONS CLUB is just but a dream. It was a dream of one devoted and dedicated Lion aiming to make a difference and bring together the now divided organization by way of devising an exemplary club to bring back the laurels and brilliance of the Association of Lions Clubs. It was such an ambitious dream...and remained to be a dream...until the 59th Multiple 301 State Convention in Baguio City came about.

            It was an eye opener for this ambitious Lion to seek the help of the finest and trustworthy Lions to set up and bring about this exemplary club in mind, and with humility appealed for support for such intention, promised to stand united with their crusade and carry out ENDLESSLY the purpose of their struggle, HELP THE POOR AND STOP BUREAUCRACY, as it was obvious that the Lions’ motto “WE SERVE” is not anymore the priority but rather “WHO WILL RULE THE ASSOCIATION” came to be much explicit and felt.
            With pens and papers as their investments, and the guts to achieve their common goal, these finest Lions met and in an instant, a high-status MANILA INFINITY LIONS CLUB was born, the name taken from what this determined Lion had in mind, ENDLESS help to the needy, ENDLESS struggle to get harmony in the industry, ENDLESS patience no matter how tough the situation is, and finally, ENDLESS tolerance on disapproval and condemnation if you get to be the center of criticisms where several Lions are good about.
                And on 23rd day of May 2008, the charter application of MANILA INFINITY LIONS CLUB was signed and approved by then Governor Dr. Robert C. Sy, 109PMJF, which then approved and chartered by The International Association of Lions Clubs on 9th of June 2008 and recognized and put on recap on 11th of June 2008.
            The recognition of this club was made possible by its organizer, PP Jimmy T. Tiu, PMJF of his former club, Manila Allied Lions Club who unselfishly helped all throughout the preparations from day one up until it was chartered, together with PDG Nena O. Go, MJF and IPP Anton Wong Lim, MJF, as the Guiding Lions of the infant yet celebrated club.
  Having made the foundation, the group then unanimously chosen then President Lion Jaime S. Ong who opted to leave his home club of 14 years, as the Charter President having   proven   his   competence   and familiarity    of    what   really   Lions   Clubs’ President’s responsibilities and functions are, and having undertaken numerous projects that proved to be of service to the poor. He also participated in several joint projects that made his former club the 6th outstanding club in LY 2007-2008.   With such vital role, Lion Jaime S. Ong then appointed Lion Maria Luisa R. San Juan, as Charter Secretary and Lion Evangeline B. Joseph, as Charter Treasurer to carry out effectively the club’s goal and mission.
            With such a leader of great awareness and expertise, having started with twenty (20) young,   dynamic and energetic members and has grown to thirty-eight (38) as of February 2010, and with experienced and dedicated Club Advisers PDG EM L. ANG and PCC/PDG VICENTE “VIC” CAMUA, MANILA INFINITY LIONS CLUB will definitely make a trend in the recovery and restoring the once ideal and now declining association.
            The club’s Charter Night was held at a red-carpet venue, Promenade, G Hotel by Waterfront, Roxas Boulevard, Manila on 9th of September 2008 which was attended by mostly “friends”, partners and advocate.
            Having proven his capabilities and competence, Charter President Jaime S. Ong was again elected President for the LY 2009 – 2010 with the support of his appointed Secretary, Lion Maria Luisa R. San Juan and Treasurer, Lion Maria Louisa B. Alvarez to spearhead the continuous and endless aid to the needy of which Manila Infinity Lions Club would highlight even more. 
            For its First Anniversary, the second termer President and appointed Region II Chairperson has chosen Sofitel Philippine Plaza to hold its festivity that would be remembered and an event that would be recalled as something simple but elegant and grand but not lavish on 9th of September 2009.  Lion Jaime Ong's term proved to be fruitful and encouraging as he was adjudged Number 3 Region Chairperson, received the 100% Excellent Award for President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively during its Governor's Visitation for LY 2009-2010 and Manila Infinity Lions Club pronounced as over-all Number 4 club during Governor's Appreciation Night of Governor John L. Tan.
            For LY 2010-2011, a club Secretary for nine (9) years and a charter member, Lion Maria Luisa R. San Juan was elected second President of the club.  She was voted unanimously by the members for her passion and determination to succeed in every endeavor of the club.  As President, Lion San Juan has appointed young, active and energetic Lions Mara Emmanuelle R. Ruiz and Bea Andrea C. Caraan as Club's Secretary and Treasurer respectively. As of her term, the club has a total seventy-six (76) young and committed members to help out in the fulfillment of the club's undertaking.
            The 2nd Charter Anniversary of Manila Infinity Lions Club was held at Via Veneto of A. Venue Suites Hotel, Makati City, Philippines last 8th of September 2010 where a cozy but simple celebration was shared to its fellow Lions and allies for many years now.



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