Our third Strides Walk for diabetes had a lower turn-out than last year. We had over 12 participants walk the 2 mile route and all of them commented on the beauty of the Vereen Gardens location and voiced there thank you's for our efforts in helping to educate the public on diabetes treatment. South Carolina is #2 in the USA for diabetes. Thankfully, it was a perfect day for walking with the temperature in the low seventies.

Lion Secretary Randy Edwards did a tremendous job again of researching the Strides program, creating the work assignments & booking the Vereen Gardens location. Our next Strides Walk for 2012 had to be cancelled for this year due to scheduling conflicts. Hope to see you in October 2013.  

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 Lions Nick Lopano and Randy Edwards organize the welcome desk.

The American flag and our banner welcome the walkers.



Lion Dave Lotz stops for a water bottle on his way back to the start.

Deanna Fisher from Loris Hospital System did diabetes testing for us. Lions Randy Edwards, Nina Lucas and Dalphon Thompson handled the walkers.

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