Our meeting location is Mulligan's at 1359 Hwy. 17-N in Little River across from CVS. 


June 20, 2017

We had our officer installation meeting this eveniing at Mulligan's for the 2017/2018 Lions year. We were pleased to have had PDG Brian P' Pool to do the installation. Our president will be Lion Al Cremen, 1st Vice President Lion Tom  Bast, 2nd Vice President Verne Cappell, Secretary PDG Marion Schroll, Treasurer Lion Bruno Stepanski, Tail Twister Lion Elaine Hoch, Lion Tamer Randy Gorby and Membership Lion Terri Azar. Our  Directors: Chair: Lion Al Cremen, Lion Bruno Stepanski, PDG Marion Schroll, Lion Tom Bast, Lion Verne Cppell, Lion Terri Azar, Lion Randy Gorby and Lion Nick Lopano (at large). Our June birthdays were Lions PDG Marion Schrool, Linda Stepanski, John Barnhardt, Bill Watson and Brain Hoch.


Our officers


Our next meeting  wil be July 18th. Our June birthdays are Lions Bill Lutz, Elaine Hoch and Nick Lopano. We have a Hwy 17 clean-up at 8 AM on July 1st. July birthdays will be Lions Frank Policastro, Bruno Stepanski, Randy Gorby and Ben Abercrombie.


Lions Verne Cappell and Tom Starnick at our table.

There were many visitors to the show and some went to our free eye screening.


Lions Randy Edwards, Tom Starnick, Verne Cappell, Eddie Myers, Cathy Delaney of Calabash Club, Gary Szentmiklosy, Nick Lopano and Bruno Stepanski.

HWY. 17 CLEAN-UP 4/1/17

        Eleven of our members collected 14 bags and 210 pounds of trash from Hwy. 90 to Baker Street today for our quarterly pick-up.


                                                         LION ED BELLAMY

Lions Bill Watson, PDG Randy Edwards and PDG Marion Schroll recently visited Lion Ed to present him with a plaque as a charter member. Though confined to a wheel chair, Lion Ed is in great shape at 95 years young.

Lion Bill Watson with Lion Ed Bellamy

Lions Bill Watson, PDG Randy Edwards, PDG Marion Schroll and Lion Ed Bellamy

                          SWAMPFEST AT PLAYCARD PARK NOVEMBER 5, 2016         

Lions Matt Davis and Dalphon Thompson introduced some students to what it is like to be blind as they wore blindfolds and walked a trail with a rope for safety, We Serve,


We installed a ramp in North Myrtle Beach this morning for a Lion's mother. It was a cool day; perfect for  the 16 foot ramp installation.

The crew arrives and unloads the materials and power cords.

This is where the ramp will be installed.

The support stringers are installed with Gary Zentmiklosy observing.

Lions Nick Lopano, Randy Edwards, Tom Starnick & Marion Schroll set the decking and started on the hand rails after Bruno Stepanski dug the post holes and set the posts.

The homeowner was very pleased with the finished project. Great job Lions. We serve.


Five Little River Lions built a ramp in 22 man hours in Calabash, NC using materials paid for by the Calabash Lions Club. They started at 7:30 AM to beat the hot weather and were finished at 11:30 AM. Great job Lions!

Lions Nick Lopano, Marion Schroll, Bruno Stepanski, Gary Szentmiklosy and Tom Starnick. Nice work Lions.  WE SERVE.

Ths picture was taken to include the Calabash Lions who paid for the materials for their resident's ramp.


We had nine of our Lion members at Playcard Park on February 6th to clean-up the two trails and clean and make minor repairs to the signs with Braille lettering. The walking trail allows visiting blindfolded children to experience what it is like to be blind. We are looking forward to the upcoming trail visit by incoming LCI President Bob Corlew on  February 26th around 9 to 9:30 AM. Hopefully we will be blessed with a warm & dry day.

The Team: Lions Brian Hoch, Bruno Stepanski, Randy Gorby, Tom Bast, Tom Starnick, Verne Cappell & PDG Randy Edwards. (Lions Ben Burroughs & PDG Marion Schroll were taking the picture)

Lion Tom Bast led PDG Randy and Lion Brian in the cleaning of the walking trail.


A beautiful morning from 8:30 to !0:09 AM for our annual 9-11 remembrance on the Hwy. 90 bridge over Hwy. 17 in Little River. As they do every year, passing cars honked and waved in appreciation for our remembrance of our fallen that fateful day in 2001.

Members face the eastbound traffic on Hwy. 17.

Lions Tom Starnick, Barbara Nelson and Al Cremen.

Lions Randy Gorby, Al Cremen, Gary Szentmiklosy and Tom Starnick.

NMB Lion Nils Regnell joined us agin this year.

PDG Randy Edwards, Barbara Nelson and Judy Wallace.

View of the bridge looking west.

Great job by all ten who attended.  We Serve.


This year's festival had the best two day weather we can remember and probably  the largest crowds ever. Our club sold a good number of brooms, but not being able to sell water and soda really reduced our income for upcoming community projects. Sunday was busier than prior years which boosted our broom sales. Thanks to all our members who came out to do their shifts. Most time worked were three members, Lions Nick Lopano, Tom Starnick, Randy Gorby and Ben Burroughs. 


Lions John Barnhardt & Randy Gorby start the erection of our big sign.

The sign is up as members await the 9 AM opening of thr festival.

Visitors begin to arrive.

Lions Linda Stepanski, Tamie Fisher & Laura Bast discuss the 50/50.

Lions Marion Schroll, Randy Edwards, Nick Lopano & Larry Braham plan the day.

This gives you a good idea of the crowd.

Lion Al Cremen and Dalphon Thompson are ready for the Sunday visitors.

While a few members rest under the tent, Lions Nick and Randy Speak to visitors out front.

Lion Brian Hoch gets his picture with Lion Doris Burroughs & Brian's wife Lion Elaine.

Little River Chamber of Commerce   

                                           HIGHWAY 17 LITTER CLEAN-UP


Ten members of our club  met at 8 AM on October 1st to pick up litter along Highway 17 from Dunkin Donuts to Baker Street at the Post Office.  It was cool when we started, and cool when we finished. They collected 10 bags of litter for a total of 150 pounds. This makes a grand total of 7,845 pounds and 523 bags since July 2007.  Our next pick-up is on January 7, 2017 at 9 AM.

Lions Ben Burroughs, Randy Edwards, Tom Bast, Brian Hoch, Bruno Stepanski, Larry Braham, Barbara Nelson & Tom Starnick. Lions Matt Davis and Randy Gorby arrived after the picture was taken. Lion Marion Schroll took the picture.

Lion Tom Starnick is out picking.

Lions return their pails, bags and tools to Lion Marion's car.

You will also notice on the Sun News article below that we were the litter pick-up winners for the entire area of Horry County in 2012. 




    LEFTBANK: What the robber did when his bag was full of money.


Little River is next to the North Carolina border and just north of Myrtle Beach, SC. It is a small town that lies along both sides of the Intracoastal waterway (pictured). Well worth the visit !!!

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