The Lake Alfred Lions Club has been serving our community for 65 years. 

Our members are citizens of Lake Alfred and surrounding communities.  We come together to help by providing vision care for the children and adults that are unable to afford it.  We reach out to our local schools and try to help them with their needs.  We now have a Cub Scout Troop meeting in our Clubhouse.  This is another way to serve the needs of this community.

We are family.  Lake Alfred and our Lions Club are members of this family.


Installation of Officers for 2013-2014

On June 13th at 7 p.m. the Lake Alfred Lions Club held its Installation of Officers.  The installing officer was the familiar face of Lion Tom Gretencord, a longtime member of the Lake Alfred Lions Club.  Lion Tom had recently spent several years at a neighboring club but had just returned to Lake Alfred Lions.  The ceremony was casual and not very high key which was a welcome after the busy months that had preceded the Installation.  Kentucky Fried Chicken catered the event and everyone had plenty to eat.

Incoming President, Lion Dave Rousch, told everyone that it was a new beginning for the new & old members alike.  He requested that we all work together and support the projects.    


The Lake Alfred Lions Club is getting ready for its first Marathon Bingo of the year in September.  It will be a first time of working the Marathon for our new members and we plan to have some instructions to help out and ease the worries of the new workers.

Last year we put a new roof on the Clubhouse and had a new drainage system installed.  The drainage system came after the building flooded from a big rain.  We were feeling good until a few weeks after that, another big rain caused another flood.  This one came about 3:30 p.m. on a Saturday night.  A quick call brought out members to help get the water out of the building.  This time the water went all the way through the building to the other side.  Needless to say Bingo was cancelled.  We had most of the water out of the building by 5:30, but the danger of a bingo player or even a worker falling was enough to warrant the cancellation.  After some checking, it was found that debris from the new roof were cloging up the downspouts and that caused the flood.  The water was unable to get into the drainage lines.  Since it was cleaned out, we have not had a problem and we really need to be prepared for all the rain that comes with hurricane season.






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