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Knutsford Lions Club was formed 1975 and each year we celebrate this with a Charter lunch or dinner in May - friends and members of other Lions Clubs are invited to join us.

Membership - We are part of Lions Clubs International (worldwide there are over 1.3 million members).  The UK is divided into a number of Districts - our District (105BS) consists of about 64 Clubs.  Each member pays a membership fee (our fee is currently £25 every six months) which covers our contribution to the administration and support costs of the Lions organisation at all levels.  All monies raised from our charitable activities are used for charitable purposes.

Club Structure - Every year the club elects a President, Vice President, Secretary, Charity Account Treasurer and Admin./Social Event Account Treasurer.   Other members take on special responsibilities (e.g. organising individual events) as necessary.

Club Meetings - Meetings are run to an agenda, but in a light-hearted manner.  We also occasionally have a speaker to talk about a local charity that we are considering supporting or an activity that we have sponsored (partners are also often invited to attend these meetings).  The club is run on democratic lines with votes taken on all charitable matters.

Helping the Community - Each year we organise a Senior Citizens Variety Show (see separate section) and a lunch party for people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day.   Assistance is given to other organisations and charities on request.  We also help cases of individual hardship where alternative means of support are not available.  See also 'Special Projects' section.

Fundraising - We currently have four major fundraising activities spaced over the year.  In late May we have our Street Fair in King Street (see separate section).   In September/October we organise a Charity Concert to raise funds for local charities.  In early December we have a house-to-house envelope collection and a street collection in the the town centre, supported by Knutsford Hosts.  From November to about March we raise funds for our Project Wenceslas (more information in Club Projects Section).  We also have an Easter Raffle in some local Pubs and occasionally organise other one-off events - we are always looking for new fundraising ideas!

Charitable Donations - Knutsford Lions raise and donate about £10k annually.  About 70% of this goes to local causes.  We also support major Lions International projects and Disaster Funds.   There are Lions Clubs in almost all countries around the world and local Clubs are involved in helping to ensure that Lions Funds are used in the most appropriate ways.

Socials - We have an active Social calendar.  Recent events have included theatre visits, themed safari suppers (moving between several members houses), a Christmas Lunch, walks followed by pub lunch, a Quiz, "Verse & Worse" evenings or Bowls etc. with supper, special visits.

Your Membership - There is a lot going on, but please be assured that you won't be pressurised into doing anything you don't feel comfortable with.  Come along to a few meetings, attend social functions and, if you want to join a happy and friendly club, putting something back into the community and supporting charities -

..... then join us!     

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