I joined Lions in 2002 in Lindsay, ON and was a member there until 2015.  At that point I went searching for a new home within the Lions and found it in Kirkfield.  with that said, I have helped with the Kirkfield Lions for over 25 years as both of my parents were member of the Kirkfield Club.  So, to me, it was more of a homecoming.  

I feel that we are a family to one another.  So, like every family we have our moments, yet when a meeting or function is finished, we realize that we could not have done it without one another.  

Call it a Clan, Call it a Network, Call it a Tribe
Call it a Family
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, You need one
...By Jane Howard

Please feel free to come and check us out...sit in on a meeting or come to one of our many events that we have at the hall.  See if we may be the second family in your life.

Nick Larocque


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