Regular Meetings are on 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:00 PM (First Christian Church, 1130 N. Main St. unless otherwise announced). When in doubt, check our calendar of events on this website. NOTE: Serving line opens at 5:45 PM. EVERYONE is welcome to come visit and join our active club.

​Our next meeting is on July 9th at Deli on Main. Program will be "meet the Prez". Many of you didn't know he was a retired Navy Captain, did you? See you there. 

Please continue to pray for Lion Roger Stockton, who's dealing with 2 types of cancer.

Congratulations to President Art Drennan, who was one of the few officers inducted at the last meeting due to a lot of 'no shows'.​

​​​​Our newly elected officers for 2019-2020 are listed below. Congratulations to all others who are willing to serve:

President                    Art Drennan
1st Vice Pres              Edwin Walker
​2nd Vice Pres            Crystal Tanner
3rd Vice Pres             Mark Schulte
Imm Past Pres           Clark Bunting
Secretary                   Marvin Bare
Treasurer                   Joe Waugh
Lion Tamer                Dr Bob Dalton
​Tail-Twisters              Ray Thomas/Jerry Medford
Chaplain                    Jim Barrett
​Membership Ch        Roger Stockton
​1-yr Directors           Charlotte Waddell/Debbie Warren/Rick Pierce
​2-yr Directors           Ken Ringeman/Ned Mabe/Scotty Dunn
If you know of an interesting program, please contact Program Chair Mark Schulte with particulars so he can schedule them.

Local Lions clubs are encouraged to connect with your community and build your Lion legacy by planning a Centennial Community Legacy Project during our Centennial Celebration. Legacy Projects are visible gifts to your community that commemorate our Centennial and create a lasting legacy of your service contributions.

Our Legacy Project will serve as a reminder of just how important your club is to the community during the Centennial and beyond. All Lions clubs around the world are encouraged to complete a Legacy Project by June 30, 2018, so start planning yours today!

Your board or directors is asking members to come up with ideas and suggestions for our Legacy Project for our community. Please think about, discuss with each other and submit your suggestions to any board member.

​We have Lions Club collection boxes at the following locations through out the Kernersville and Walkertown areas to collect cell phones, hearing aids and eye glasses. The Lions listed beside the location have agreed to pickup collected items periodically and bring to Lion Jerry Medford for transport to Camp Dogwood. If a new box is needed, please let Secretary Marvin Bare know ASAP. Lion Larry Martin has some new smaller boxes for collecting eye glasses. If you want to replace a larger one with a smaller one, please contact him.                

Kernersville Library                                Larry Martin

Eyecarecenter, K'ville                             Bob Reed

Eyecarecenter, W-town                          Marvin Bare

Crisis Control Ministry                           Jim Barrett

Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service          Lowell Parker

East Forsyth YMCA                              Scott Dunn

MyEYEdr                                                Bill Apple

Good Will Industries                             Clark Bunting

Triangle Vision                                       Marvin Bare

Wal-mart                                              Larry Martin

River Landing at Sandy Ridge            Art Drennan

Hawthorne at the Meadows                Marvin Bare

VisionWorks                                        Peter Laroche

Happy Birthday to the following Lions:
Jul  2    Scott Dunn
Jul 11    Ken Ringeman
Jul 24    Jeff Peterson
Jul 29    Charlotte Waddell
Jul 30    Clark Buntinng
Annniversary to the following Lions and spouses:
Jul   3    Debbie & Bill Maurer; Peggy & Peter Laroche
​Jul 20    Debbie & Steve Warren
Jul 24    Henrietta & Jim Barrett
​Jul 30    Brenda & Bob Hicks; Carolyn & Jerry Medford
Longevity for the following Lions:
Jul 2018      Patricia Peterson
​Jul 2017    David McGee
Jul 2016    Jeff Peterson
​Jul 2010    Debbie Warren
​Jul 2001    Betty McAdoo
Jul 1988    Rick Pierce
Jul 1973    Gary Gross
​Jul 1966    Clarence Lambe Sr.



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