Dated: 9th May,2016

Dear Friends,    

Its gives me immense pleasure to inform you that Lions Club of Katihar has completed 50 glorious years in community services to meet humanitarian needs with  the motto “ WE SERVE” since 1965 being a part of ‘ The International Association of Lions Clubs serving worldwide.

To commemorate the occasion , Lions Club of Katihar  has decided the celebrate the joyous moments to organise grand occasion Golden Jubilee Ceremony on 5th July’2016 Tuesday . In this 50 glorious years Lions Club of Katihar has achieved an important milestone in its history. On this moment a new opportunities begins for every members of our club & will have to start working together with fresh enthusiasm to keep up its golden tradition.

We feel extremely delighted to extend our heartfelt invitation to you and your colleagues to come and be a part of this memorable event. Our international dignitaries & renowned personality  have kindly consented to grace the occasion.

Members of Lions Club of Katihar feel proud of our past Lion Leader who have been committed to their continuous efforts & dedicated to serve the cause of Lionism in its true spirit lead the club achieve the highest landmark in humanitarian services.

On this occasion of the Golden Jubilee Celebration we are bringing out a colorful souvenir containing useful information regarding  humanitarian threats & needs apart from club activities which will be widely circulated among members & peoples throughout state of Bihar and your valued patronage to add more feature through advertising /sponsoring as ever before shall go a long way in helping us to serve the community & make this program grand success.


With regards & Thanking you in your anticipation,


( Lion Pankaj Kumar Purbey)

   Committee Chairperson

Golden Jubilee Celebration Organising Committee


:Rates of Booking space in the souvenir as follows:

                                                Black & White                    Multicolour

Full Page-                            Rs. 10,000.00                       Rs. 13,000.00

Half Page -                          Rs.   5,500.00                      Rs.    7,000.00

Quarter Page-                   Rs.   3,000.00                      Rs.    4,000.00


Send your DD/Cheque in favour of Lions Club of Katihar A/c Golden Jubilee Celebration payable at Katihar with design in CD.



Dated: 9th May,2016

                Lions Club of Katihar  has decided the celebrate the joyous moments to organise grand occasion Golden Jubilee Ceremony on 5th July’2016 Tuesday. Following committee has been formed for make this program grand success.

1)            Souvenir Editorial Board              -         a) Editor - Lion Arvind Patel        

b) Co-editor - Lion Anil Chamaria                              c) Lion Durga Prasad Bhawanipuri                            

d) Lion Purshottam Modi                                              e) Lion Dev Raj Sharma

Following Sub-Committee to be supervised by Lion Arvind Patel

2)            Venue Arrangement Sub-Committee-            a) Convener - Lion K.P. Gupta                                   

b) Lion Prakash Agarwal                c)  Lion Sanjay Kataruka    d) Lion Manish Mitruka                                

e) Lion Vikash Poddar      f) Lion Nandkishore Tibrewal    g) Lion Prof. Binod Yadav

3)            Finance Sub-Committee -a) Convener - Lion Binod Agarwal, b) Lion Tej Kumar Agarwal,  c) Lion Sanjeev Agarwal,  d) Lion Ganesh Agarwal, e) Lion Vinay Parmar, f) Lion J. Bhattacharya g) Lion Pankaj Kumar Singh,  h) Lion Sanjay Agarwal, i) Lion Manoj Agarwal  j) Lion Manish Agarwalk) Lion Sanjay Jaiswal     l) Lion Suraj Kumar Choudhary   m) Lion Sanjeev Maheshwari

Following Sub-Committee to be supervised by Lion Krishna Prasad Gupta

4)            Fooding Arrangement Sub-Committee -     a) Convener -  Lion Jay Prakash Gupta                   

b) Lion Manoj Gupta                                                      c) Lion Naresh Sah                                                          

d) Lion Awadesh Kumar                                                 e) Lion Ashit Kumar Bhowmick

5)            Cultural Programme Sub-Committee -                  a) Convener - Lion Charulata Patel                          

b)Lion Snigdha Saha Roy,              c) Lion Babita Gupta                        d) Lion Nirmala Agarwal                                                e)Lion Kanta Agarwal                     f) Lion Ankita Bhattacharya          g) Lion Kajal Devi

h) Lion Pritam Purbey                    i) Lion Laxmi Gupta                          j) Lion Ragini Rupam

k) Lion Sheela Agarwal

6)            Communication & IT Sub-Committee e -     a) Convener - Lion Santosh Gupta                           

b) Lion Dilip Kejariwal                                                     c) Lion Avantika Parmar                                                

d) Lion Rakhi Agarwal                                                     e) Lion Sanjeev Surekha

Following Sub-Committee to be supervised by Lion Binod Agarwal

7)            Accommodation Sub-Committee -                  a) Convener - Lion Subol Kr. Saha Roy                    

b) Lion Raj Kumar Agarwal                                           c) Lion Manoj Mahaseth                                              

d) Lion Raj Kumar Jaiswal                                              e) Lion Sunil Poddar  

8)            Transportation Sub-Committee -                             a) Convener - Lion Ganesh Chaurasia                     

b) Lion Pankaj Agarwal                                                  c) Lion Pankaj Agarwal (Tola)                                     

d) Lion  Dilip Dokania                                                      e) Lion Bhola Nath Mandal

Following Sub-Committee to be supervised by Lion Anil Chamaria

9)            Parade Sub-Committee -                                             a) Convener - Lion Swarn Chamaria                        

b) Lion Suman Mala                        c) Lion Meena Dokania                  d) Lion Nidhi Bhagat                                        e) Lion Amrita Kataruka                   f) Lion Pratima Prasad                    g) Lion Kiran Devi

h) Lion Anjali Dutta                          i) Lion Usha Agarwal                       j) Lion Neelam Sah

10)          Golden Jubilee Service Activities Sub-Committee -  a) Convener - Lion J.D. Wadhwani

b) Lion Sandip Agarwal                  c) Lion Jitendra Kashwani             d)Lion Ranjit Dutta

e) Lion Shyam Sundar Agarwal   f) Lion Rajesh Agarwal



   (Lion Niranjan Kumar)                                                          (Lion Pankaj Kumar Purbey)

        PRESIDENT                                                                   Organizing Committee Chairman


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