Karaikal green city installation function was held on 21-06-2014 at MMH Mahal Karaikal in front of

Ex-governor MJF Lion k. Ramaraju , Ex- governor MJF lion Dr. T. Poosai

Vice II district governor MJF lion. Dr. P. Venkataraman ,

PMJF lion kasi Balasubramaniyan , DC lion Swaminathan , RC lion Selvam , ZC lion Selvaraj ,

Dc lion Jesintha Nirmala , DC lion Dorothee Mary Louis , DC lion Adolphine  Rajendiran &

All Karaikal green city members honored the function.


President: Lion. Malliga Jayaraman

Secretary: Lion. Kalaiselvi

Treasurer: Lion. Malligarajan 


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