Lions Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas Party was held on December 14, 2016 at the Microtel Inn & Suites, hosted by Emcee Extraodinaire, Rosemarie Temple.  We played two games that night.  

One would think by looking at the wisened, gray-haired heads in this room that we were blessed with a wealth of cumulative wisdom.  But, alas, one would be surprised.  The first game was one that had been successfully field-tested on a group of 3rd graders.  The game challenge required the rudimentary ability to distinguish between left and right.  It became painfully obvious that most of our group had by-passed (or forgotten) that early training.  So, we moved on to the second game.

The second game chosen by Rosemarie was based on an old TV game show called The Match Game, hosted by Gene Rayburn.  It turned out that the collective memories of the group did go back as far as the 1960's (just not much further than that).

Once the games were ended our hostess critiqued our collective performance.  Like many Broadway Shows we received "mixed" reviews.  As Rosemarie tried her best to make it sound better than it was It was sort of like watching someone trying to put lipstick on a pig.  But we had a wonderful time laughing at ourselves!!


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