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Fellow Lions:           

This year, International President Dr. Naresh Aggarwal’s theme is “We Serve.”   Dr. Aggarwal grew up in a town called Batala, located in the north west of India. When Dr. Aggarwal was a young boy he dreamed of changing the world.  Dr. Aggarwal recalls, “I dreamed of change not just in Batala, but for the entire world. In 1974, when I first stood in the presence of Lions, I knew that I had aligned myself with an organization that could actually help me achieve my dream.” Dr. Aggarwal also stated: “We Lions are one with the people of the world. In Sanskrit, it is called “Vasudhaiva Kutembakem,” or “World is my Family”.  That saying means a lot to me.  For me family is everything, not just my own family but our Lions family as well.  As Lions we serve the world because they are our family and we are called to act.

The 2017-2018 will be a great year for our club.   I agree with Dr. Aggarwal when he says, “Together: We will harness the power of we. We will commit to action. We will leave the world a better place for all.” Like I stated in my installation speech, “I truly believe as Lions, we are the essence of humanity, we make the world a better place.”  Together as a club we will act and serve to help our community.

As Hammonton Lions we will continue the tradition of serving the community. We will continue to honor all that we have done in the past, support what the present offers us, and move the club into the future to help solidify the club’s existence as a helping hand in our community.  We have a year filled with meetings, both traditional and new events, and opportunities for fellowship that I hope will continue to make you proud to be a Hammonton Lion.  As we move onward this year, I hope that you share in the gratification and sense of achievement as you participate in our events.  I hope that you’ll feel that you have made a difference, not only in our community, but also throughout the world.   

To date, we have started off with a bang, with the great success of the Red, White and Blueberry festival, and National Night Out. Let us keep that momentum going and have another fantastic year for the Hammonton Lions. We are always looking for new members who are willing to contribute to their community and have an interest in taking on leadership roles within our organization.  So, fellow Lions please bring out someone new to one of our 2017-18 meetings!

Yours in Lionism,

King Lion Mike

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