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The Speakers Just Keep Coming!

Grand Forks County/NDSU Extension Service Agent:  

Steve Sagaser

We learned excellent information about Spring planting and the best ways to prune a variety of trees as well as other very helpful tips on how to have a successful year with landscaping projects.  Please follow this link for much more informaton about the services provided by the Grand Forks County Extension service.

Cancer Treatment New Horizons

Lion member Ken Johnson spoke to the South Forks Lions about a very personal issue, the treatment process that his son, Evan, and the family experienced.  Evan's experience has been well chronicled with an article even appearing in the Wall Street Journal.  The emotional roller coaster journey the family has been on has finally landed on firm ground as Evan is now in full remision and his progress seems to be a miracle.  The Johnson's would say that the tremendous support and dedication of the medical staff involved with Evan made the difference.  The Lions of the South Forks Club thank Lion Ken for sharing this difficult and personal family journey.  The Wall Street Journal article can be found here with this link.

Hager Discusses Lions Foundation of

North Dakota

South Forks Lions member Del Hager took time to share with club members activities of the Lions Foundation of North Dakota.  The foundation activities include; Sight 4 Kids, Video Magnifier program, Eye Glass recycling and the grant program among other group projects.  Follow this link for more information on the foundation.  Thank you Lion Del for your comittment to Lion efforts not just in Grand Forks but across North Dakota.

Feed My Starving Children

Lion Bruce Storhaug spoke to the South Forks Lions about this years Feed My Starving Children event.  Bruce is quick to point out that his wife Jodie is the primary impetus behind this tremendously successful community project.  The project has spurred a large number of volunteers from the surrounding area to come together at MobilePack events to package many hundreds of thousands meals that then are sent to the most needy throughout the world.  Follow this link to the home page of Feed My Starving Children for more informaton.  The South Forks Lions thank Lion Bruce and Jodie, and all those that contribute time and resources to make this a tremendous event but more importantly gets food to those needing it at a critical time.  

Kenna Discusses the Need for Foster Parents

Kate Kenna spoke to the South Forks Lions recently highlighting the need for foster parents in our region.  PATH has been providing services to children and families since 1994 in North Dakota.  The agency has a host of services, which, from their website includes:

"PATH ND offers a continuum of in-home and community-based services to help kids and families throughout North Dakota and Idaho. Programming includes Treatment Foster Care (TFC); Family Support and Family-Based Services (FS); Transition and Assessment Program (TAP); Family & Individual Resolution-Focused Services & Treatment (FIRST); Independent Living; Adults Adopting Special Kids; High-Fidelity Wraparound; Community-Assisted Recovery Environment (CARE); Supervised Alternative Family Environment (SAFE); Case Aide and Parent Support (CAPS); Adoption; Long-Term Foster Care; Guardianship; Continuing Education and Job Training (CEJT); Foster Care; Special Needs Foster Care; Assessment; and Shelter Care; and Counseling."  The South Forks Lions thank Kate and all the efforts of the PATH organization to serve our most vulunerable population, the youth of North Dakota.  For more information on PATH and all their services please see this link.


Grand Forks Region Economic Development

The South Forks Lions were updated recently about area economic development.  Speaking to the club was the Grand Forks Regional Economic Development Vice President Keith Lund.  Mr. Lund touched on many projects that have been completed and many more that the agency is currently working on.  To many to list here, please see this link to find out more information on this group that actively promotes the economic development of the Greater Grand Forks region.  The South Forks Lions thank Mr. Lund for his presentation.

CVIC Presents to South Forks Lions

Stephanie from the Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC) spoke to the South Forks Lions on the many services provided by the CVIC.  Some CVIC programs include; Light of Hope, Pathways Towards Justice, Kids First, New Choices and Community Innovations.  For more information on these programs and other services of the CVIC please follow this link.

Lions Shootout Draws Big Crowd

Click on this link to see a short video of the South Forks Lions Dick Compton Memorial Shootout.

2017 Dick Compton Memorial

Lions Shootout Basketball Event

Let's hope everyone is ready for the next Lions Shootout at the Grand Forks Central gym on Saturday, February 3, 2017. History has shown this event to be an exciting day of basketball featuring some of the best teams in the area.  This years schedule includes the following:

11:30  Game # 1     East Grand Forks “Green Wave” vs. Cavalier “Tornadoes”

1:00    Game # 2       Fertile-Beltrami “Falcons” vs. Park River Fordville-Lankin “Aggies”

2:30    CONTESTS

The contests include selected players from each team participating in free throw, 3-point and slam dunk competition.  It's worth the price of admission alone.

3:15    Game # 3     Thompson “Tommies” vs. Four Winds-Minnewaukan “Indians”

Proceeds from the event go to support the many Lion charities.  If you've been to the Shootout before you're sure to be coming back, but if you've never been there, don't wait another year, we'll see you on Saturday.


2016 Lions Fun Night

Click HERE for a short video from the 2016 Grand Forks Lions Clubs Fun Night

Midco Sports Network Broadcaster Addresses 

South Forks Lions

Alex Heinert, sportscaster for Midco Sports Network, spoke to the South Forks Lions Club on Tuesday, November 15 at the weekly 7:00 a.m. meeting held at the Ramada Inn.  Heinert grew up in South Dakota and graduated from Sioux Falls University in 2007.  Always interested in sports Heinert participated in many sports but also was drawn to broadcasting, even in high school, doing some broadcasts of girls sports when he wasn't participating in his own sport.  He had an opportunity to broadcast soccer and other sports for Midco prior to getting a shot at doing UND women's basketball in 2014.  The opportunity presented itself when long time local broadcaster Dan Hammer left his position with UND.  This short-term opportunity to broadcast UND games led to the more permanent role as broadcast announcer for Midco Sports Network that Heinert norw enjoys. Heinert now does most home football and hockey games and other events as well as is part of 2 original programs UND Sports Extra and UND Hockey.

Heinert discussed the amount of work that goes into a production such as a hockey game - setting up cameras, running cords, doing interviews, and memorizing lineups.  He also said that on certain days it can be very demanding on those that work behind the scenes.  He used the example of a Friday night hockey game, then needing to tear down and move equipment to the football venue only then needing to tear down and get the semi-full equipment back to the hockey arena for the game that night.  Heinert says he loves his job and loves the passion UND fans have for their teams.  He said it is pretty much his dream job but announcing a Super Bowl or Olympics would be great, though not many broadcast announcers get those jobs.  The South Forks Lions thank Alex Heinert for taking the time to speak to the club.  If you, or someone you know would be interested in attending a meeting to hear the great weekly speakers, please contact a Lions member, we would be glad to have you.  Please see the Contact Us information in the left margin.


2016 Lions Christmas in the Park

For information on dates and times for the 2016 Lions Christmas in the Park 

click  HERE

The NCAA and Concussions

Steven Westereng, ATC, Chair of the Department of Sports Medicine at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences spoke this past Tuesday, November 8, 2016 to the Grand Forks South Forks Lions.  Steven graduated from UND in 1994 in athletic training.  He is currently in his 17th season with UND and this is the 11th season that he has been UND's Director of the  Division of Sports Medicine.  Mr. Westereng’s background includes work at the Institute for Athletic Medicine in the Twin Cities, serving as head athletic trainer at Osseo High School and as an assistant athletics trainer with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1994.  He has his Master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and is married with 3 children.

The focus of the presentation was on concussions and the NCAA.  Steven indicated that the issue of safety and regulations has been a concern related to college football since the late 1890’s.  The sport came under great scrutiny in 1905 as the result of 18 players dying and 137 more seriously injured. So serious was the situation that President Teddy Roosevelt met with 13 college leaders to discuss the issue, resulting in a later meeting with 63 schools attending.  In 1906 the Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States (IAAUS) was established, becoming the NCAA in 1910.

Moving forward to 2013, the NCAA hired Dr. Brian Hainline, a Neurology specialist as it’s first Chief Medical Officer.  One of the main duties for Dr. Hainline is to address safety concerns for athletes in NCAA sports.  Specifically the issue of concussions is addressed and in particularly related to football.  Steven says that there is still a lot of unknowns related to concussions, like what is really happening when one has a concussion.  For instance, is it related to a genetic issue?  Concussions in children may be different than adults.  How do 2nd and additional concussions impact a person long term?  He pointed out that many times an athlete doesn’t recognize that they have a concussion.

As a result of the serious nature of concussions the NCAA has established a protocol that athletes must complete, both pre-participation in sports and if they may have experienced a concussion or possible concussion during their sporting event.  The pre-participation assessment looks at concussion history, symptom evaluation, cognitive assessment and a balance evaluation.  This establishes a baseline of information for the athlete.  He pointed out the cognitive testing is very difficult and challenging.  The current protocol requires that any student-athlete that shows any signs/symptoms/behaviors must be removed from practice or competition and must be evaluated by ATC with concussion experience.  If a concussion is confirmed the athlete is removed from practice/competition for that day at a minimum.  Additional protocols then kick in, such as Post-Concussion Management, Return-to-Learn, and Return to Play. 

The NCAA is now engaged in research related to concussions which includes new types of helmet and technology that measures impact helmet to helmet blows. Rules of play have also been changed to reduce critical head hits and injuries.  For more information please see the following link.  NCAA Health and Safety

Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast

The South Forks Lions Club hosted a Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast at the Ramada Inn in Grand Forks on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Club organized the event to show the community support and appreciation for all that the Law Enforcement Agencies of the area do. Speakers included Lion members Joel Medd retired District Judge and Lowell Schweigert (watch Lowell's tribute to law enforcement here), South Forks Lions President Kirk Tingum, Mayor Michael Brown of Grand Forks, Grand Forks County Commissioner Diane Knauf and East Grand Forks Council President Mark Olstead. A special message from UND President Mark Kennedy was also present.  Grand Forks County Commissioner's were also represented by Tom Falck. The event was attended by 15 members of the area Law Enforcement Community from the Grand Forks Police Department, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, the East Grand Forks Police Department and the University of North Dakota Campus Police.  If you've ever considered joining an organization to help others, and have fun doing it, the South Forks Lions may be what you're looking for.  Please take a moment to view some photos from the event.

The South Forks Lions not only thank the law enforcement community of the Grand Forks area but all those providing services to our great country.  In addition, hats off to all first responders who also put their lives on the line every day to serve their communities.  They serve and "We Serve."

Leon Comeau Recieves the Robert John 

LePage Service Award

Long time South Forks Lions member Leon Comeau recieved the prestigious Robert John LePage Service Award at the North Dakota Association of the Blind State Convention Banquet on the June 11 ceremony held in Minot.  The award recognized the qualities of - 'quiet, dedicated service to others, without fanfare or accolades.'  No better words describe Lion Leon better.  The list of his efforts on behalf of others and the South Forks Lions Club is long and impressive.  Quiet and done in the background really speak to his commitment to help others.  His time, talents and financial gifts are matched only by his friendly and humble nature.  The Grand Forks South Forks Lions are proud to call Lion Leon Comeau their own.  Congratulations Leon, well done and well deserved.

If you are interested in becoming a South Forks Lions Member or simply would want more information please email us at:

To view photos from Lions events and see photos of the excellent speakers that educate the Lions every Tuesday morning please click on the link below.  Learning about the many agencies, businesses and programs from the Greater Grand Forks area is one of the highlights of Tuesday morning meetings.  Please contact one of the Lions and plan to attend a meeting and see for yourself.

South Forks Lions Photo Gallery of Speakers and Events



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