Fleetwood & Cleveleys Lions Club have been able to help  a local lady gain
back her independence.
This was in response to the article in the .fleetwood Weekly News  about
Carol Willacy who had had a riding accident several years ago which had left
her in a wheelchair.
Sadly, over time, the old wheelchair gave up the ghost, and she started
to,save to buy a new one.
Unfortunately , because of her special needs, it had to be made to her
specification and this cost more than average.
Fleetwood & Cleveleys Lions Club decided to try to help Carol and after
several visits by President Pam Hamilton and Chair of Welfare Committee
Margaret Harris, they were able to top up the amount carol had collected.
Last Tuesday morning they presented Carol with the money and she now has her
new chair.
As you can see, Her Assistance Dog Charlie was there to make sure
Everything went according to plan!
Picture showsPresident Pam, Margaret and Charlie. With Carol.
Carol has named the wheelchair  LEO in honour of Lions.




Registered Charity No. 511121                                                                                               (Formed 1973)

                                    Fleetwood and Cleveleys Lions Club

                        Minutes of the Business Meeting

                        27th September 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Lions President Pamela opened the meeting at 7-30pm and welcomed everyone to the meeting, and welcomed our guests Lion President Marie McMillian and IPP Lion Anne Studd from Kirkham & Fylde Rural Lions together with our Guest Speakers Richard Halstead and Katie from Aiming Higher who would be explaining all about the Charity, which cares for disabled children in the Fylde.


1. Apologies:

Lion Secretary Denis had received from the following Lions, Mike Glennon, Ian Cherry and Barbara Woodman


2. Presentation by Richard Halstead and Katie- “Aiming Higher”

Richard and Katie gave a productive presentation to the club on the above and the work they undertook supporting disabled children on the Wyre. The group being a self-funding group it requires donations and qualified volunteers

It was agreed that the following Lions would visit the club, and to discuss things with Richard and Katie, to gain a better understanding of how Fleetwood & Cleveleys Lions Club may be able to support the group. Lion President Pamela, Lion Margaret, Lion Paul and Lion Ian to visit the club in the very near future and report back to all the members at the next meeting


3. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the August business meeting where duly agreed by the members Proposed by Lion Bernette and seconded by ZC Lion Mary Ann


4. Presidents Report Lion President Pamela

President Pamela welcomed all Members to the Meeting and our guest Lions from Kirkham & Fylde Rural Lions Club
Pamela welcomed Guest Speakers Richard Halstead and Katie from Aiming Higher who would be explaining all about the Charity, which cares for disabled children in the Fylde.

This month Pamela visited Carol Willacy at Pike Court Fleetwood twice with Lion Margaret Harris and once with Lion Ian Clare. Margaret Harris will report more fully on this in her Welfare Report. Pamela said she hoped that the matter of the new wheelchair for Carol would be agreed at tonight’s meeting

Pamela also attended Windermere and Ambleside Charter with Zone Chairman Mary Ann Woodman. It was Pamela’s first time at Windermere - the Damson Dene was a lovely Hotel, with good food and good company.

Pamela also told the Meeting about forthcoming Charters:

(i)         Burnley Lions – Ruby Jubilee Charter Lunch – to be held at The Dr. Ivan Suite, Burnley Football Club on Sunday 22nd October 12.30 for 1.00 pm. Cost £23.50 – Dress Lounge Suit

(ii)        Birchwood Lions Club, 30th Anniversary Charter – to be held at The Park Royal Hotel, Stretton, Warrington on Saturday 11th November 2017 – 7.00 for 7.30pm – Dress Formal. Tickets £26

 5Sectataries report Denis Bowker

Lion Denis informed the meeting that he had received the following notifications/letters

  • D.G  Newsletter,
  • P.L.I. Documents 2018,
  • Weekly Digests News*
  • Centennial  Report  on behalf of Phil Nathan
  • Christmas Tree Appeal letter
  • Information Day Event covering First Aid/Food Hygiene/V.Ps/Z.C 10.00am./Social Media/  9.30-10.00am   5/11/17
  • The Northern Festival of  Remembrance  7.30pm at the Marine Hall 8/11/17
  • New MD Partnership Agreement with E.F.D.S. and Lions signed in September 2017 for a period of 3 years
  • Newsletter re Convention 2018
  • L.C.I.F. appeals.

6.Treasurers Report Lion Margaret Purcell


  • The wreaths for remembrance Sunday have been ordered.



7. Welfare Report Lion Margaret Harris



Lion Margaret thanked Lions Stuart, Mavis and Margaret Purcell publicly for watering the flower boxes in town, all through the summer this is much appreciated.

Carol Willacy
Lion Margaret updated the club on the request received for financial help towards a new wheelchair for Carol Willacy
Carol Willacy had been discussed at the August meeting and following the meeting Lion President Pam, Ian and Margaret H had Visited Carol, she was able to clarify several points raised at the August meeting  
Carol had had an accident a fortnight ago, falling out of her old chair ( which had then had to be scrapped) bashing her face and putting her in bed for a few days. 
Margaret informed the club that following several visits, Pam, Ian and the welfare committee felt that the club should support Carole Who will benefit from the club making a donation as she is at present having to borrow the money needed. 
The club was asked to, donate £1000.

The vote was carried in favour of donating the £1000 The voting being as follows; For 14, Against 4 Abstention 1

Two members at the close of the meeting privately donated the remaining balance of £95 

8. Activities Report Lion Val Barton  

Lion Val reported on the following activities


Summer Ball 
£614 clear profitIt

In view of the large sum required to purchase the playground equipment Lion Ian Clare proposed that the club “ring fence £400 towards this project” The £400 being presented to the school when they had raised the balance or if a piece of equipment could be purchased Lion Val seconded the proposal This was duly carried by the club.

Lion Val would inform the school accordingly of the above

Val and Margaret wrote letters to many of the local school heads before the summer break in July, in the hope that they would consider the swimaraton as a way of making some funds for their schools. A list went round the committee of the schools we intend to contact and the members present were asked to put their name against the schools that they would contact. The schools will be asked if they want us to visit them, or, if they would just like sponsor forms and registration letters. 
The Club was asked to put the date of 17th March into their diary as we will also hold a St Patricks night dance on the same night as the swimarathon. 

The Charity that was decided on by the committee that they would like to sponsor was Blood Bikes his was put to the club and all agreed. 

Peter would like to do another Quiz this will take place on 17th November 730pm hopefully at Fleetwood bowling club Val to call the bowling club to see if it is available.. This is open to everyone please could everyone try to get groups of 6 to come and take part. More info once I have spoken to the bowling club will follow shortly. 
Stephen will be doing the hot buffet tickets will be no more than £6 per person. 

The Christmas Tree competition was brought up the club were asked if they could come up with unusual ideas.


9. LCIF Report Lion Ian Clare

Lion Ian informed the club that he had received several letters from LCIF, MD LCIF Coordinator PCC Jeff Leeder and District LCIF Coordinator PDG Tony Clarkson

Ian read the latest update from PDG Tony stating that he had requested details on what LCIF Grants had been given by LCIF to MD105 and District 105Bn.

The above will discussed at a forthcoming LCIF officers meeting

N/R  Ian to talk to  Ann McLoghlin


10. Social Committee Report - Lion Carole O’Brien

  • 6th September Musical Quiz £6
  • Please contact Lion Carole if you will  be attending ASAP in order that the numbers can be given to Ashley Club re catering
  • 14th October 2017 Charter Evening See Charter report.
  • November Social will be at the end of October – “Sister Act” Show at Marine Hall. Dates to be confirmed
  • 15th December Xmas Social to be held at the Regal Hotel Cost £15 - 4 course meal
  • Quote received from North Euston Hotel £21.


11. Environmental Project Lion Stuart Gratrix

As reported at the August Business meeting


12. Public Relations Lion Stuart Gratrix

Lion Stuart report on a successful period re PR for the Club. Details outlined below


  • Articles re Fleetwood in Bloom and Lions Planters reported in the Fleetwood News and Fleetwood Matters
  • Similar articles and photo in the Lion Magazine

13. Membership Report Lion Ian Clare

Lion Ian also welcomed our guests to the club

Going forward Ian recommended to the club that a membership drive should be held in the near future More details to follow


14. Almoners Report Lion Paul Kierby

Lion Paul informed the members that he continued to visit and where applicable give assistance to our members who were not enjoying good health

14. Talking Newspaper Lion Donald MacDonald

Lion Donald informed the club that the next Talking Newspaper would take place on 16th October 2017

Lion Donald informed the club that he was presented A Certificate of Appreciation for the service given by the club to the Talking Newspaper over such a long period

15.  Diary Dates Lion Denis Bowker





  • WEDNESDAY 22nd  NOVEMBER BUSINESS MEETING    p.s  Pay for Xmas Dinner at the Meeting



16. Tail Twister Lion Fred Riley  

Lion Fred suitably extract money from those members who had caused light hearted problems during the meeting,

17. Fleetwood & Cleveleys Lions Club Charter Saturday 14th October 2017 North Euston Hotel

Ian updated the club re the charter and requested members for their booking forms at the meeting whilst thanking those members who had already forwarded to him their details and cheques Cheque presentations to the Mayor and DG Partner

Ian’s contacted the principal officers of the club and it’s proposed to donate £100 to the respective charities at the charter evening, as per last year

Jobs and assistance re setting up the Ballroom have been circulated to some members who are required Thanks for the responses to date

18. Fleetwood & Cleveleys E-Clubhouse website Lion Donald

Link to the new website is (note underbracket)

…………………………………………………………………………………………………            ………………………………………………………………………………………………            …………………………………………………………………………………………

Lions Donald requires photos of our clubs events which he can post onto the new e-website

  • Note A Facebook page for the club may be linked to our new E-Website

a..60 Club Winners being Bernette Williams and Audrey Wilson

a.The wine was won by Apologies not noted  

d.District Insurance Policy

Lion Ian to obtain a copy from PDG Harry H

e.Lion Steve informed the meeting that he had obtained his level 3 Hygiene Certificate from the E.H.O. Good news for the club

g. Lion President Marie thanked the club on behalf of herself and Lion Anne for a very enjoyable evening

h. Date of the next Business Meeting Wednesday 25th October 2017

Lion President following the Toast to Lions Clubs International closed the meeting at 9.30pm


E. & O. E

Ian Clare Minute Secretary













































































































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