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Fleetwood and Cleveleys Lions Club

Minutes of the Business Meeting

14th February 2018


Lion President Pamela opened the meeting at 7-30pm and welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially our gusts from Blood Bikers and Marian Mangham. , a possible new member


The Blood Bikers gave a brief and informative presentation on the work they undertake, as volunteers, in transporting urgent medical supplies, e.g. blood and children’s milk to hospitals both nationally and within the North West of England.

The North West Branch had transported over 42,000 lifesaving medical supplies to hospitals during the last 5 years.


1. Apologies:

Lion Secretary Denis had received from the following Lions, Carole O’Brien, Ian Cherry Steve Morley Cyril Leyland and Paul Keirby



2. Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the January 2018 business meeting where duly agreed by the members Proposed by Lion Denis and seconded by ZC Lion Mary Ann


3. Presidents Report, Lion President Pamela

President Pamela started her Report with some happy news. She told the Club that Founder Member Donald Macdonald and his wife Anita were, this week, celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  Pamela handed Donald an Anniversary Card signed by the Members, with the Club’s heartiest congratulations.


Lion Paul had, at long last, had the operation on his back. President Pamela had sent a “Get Well” Card to Paul, on behalf of all the Members.


The President and Lion Margaret Harris visited with Rebekah and Chris Cole (the couple who were flooded last Christmas). The President handed the couple the Club’s cheque for £200. New carpets had been purchased by the couple’s grandfather, and the cheque was to repay part of the money that they owed to him. A “Thank You” letter from the couple was handed out at the meeting.


The President handed round a “Thank You” letter from the Blackpool Children’s Charity - Aiming Higher – Members will remember Lion Stuart, his wife Mavis, the President and Lion Paul went along to their Christmas party at the Blackpool Football Club. A photograph of the event appeared in this month’s “Wyre Matters” which was handed round at the meeting.


President Pamela went with Lion Margaret Harris to visit with Vicky Nash at Quayside in Fleetwood. This is a very sad case – Vicky suffers from a rare genetic disease. Lion Margaret will report in depth in her Welfare Report.


The President attended the January Social at The Tavern at the Mill in Thornton. She reported that it was a good night - despite there only being 10 members present.


Finally, the President informed the Meeting that she attended Kirkham’s Charter at Ribby Hall. She told the meeting that there were 11 Members from Fleetwood and Cleveleys present on the night. Kirkham’s President Lion Marie spoke to the President during the course of the evening to thank her for the Club’s support.




4. Sectaries report Denis Bowker

Lion Denis informed the club that he had received the following letters/communications

  • D.G NEWSLETTER February 2018



  • COVENTION DRAW TICKETS not received by Club


        • STILL TO HAND


  • LYTHAM CHARTER 12/5/18

  • CIO Training 25th February 2018 Bury

It was noted that the club had no member attending this event. It was agreed that Lions Ian and Margaret P or Mary Ann Woodman would attend.

Application was made but the training day is over subscribed. Hopefully another training day will be organised soon.


5. Treasurers Report Lion Margaret Purcell


Lion Margaret informed the club of the clubs finances detailed below



£214.50 paid into charity From Kirkham hampers

£250 paid out of charity    £50 N Vision    £200 Carpets for the flooded family


We are up to date with all bills.

The admin account looks a little sad. To avoid an increase in subs can I put up the business raffle cost up to £1 from next month and can we look into having a car boot sale in the summer to raise funds for admin. 



6. Welfare Report Lion Margaret Harris

Lion Margaret reported on the following updates

1. Pres. Pam and herself presented the cheque towards a new carpet to the family who had been flooded The family had forwarded to the club a thank-you card, accordingly.

Lion Margaret inform the club that after Lion Stuart noticing an article in the Fleetwood Newspaper an article from a young lady V.N. The lady has been suffering from ETHLORS DANLOS Syndrome for the last 3 years and needed to see a private consultant, due to the complicated illness

Mrs V.N. saw the consultant privately and needs to pay £150.

Lion Margaret informed the meeting that her husband had given up work to become his wife’s carer, sadly due to the illness V, N, is not able to leave her home

Lion Margret requested to the meeting that a donation of £150 should be made to the family to cover the consultant’s fees.

Following a lengthy discussion it was proposed by Lion James E and seconded by Lion A Clare that the club should make this payment

The club duly agreed to the above.

Lion Margaret informed the meeting that R.P the swimmer we had assisted was entering the Swim marathon. Lion Val informed the meeting that no entry form had been received from R.P. to date.

Lion Margaret would speak to R.P. accordingly


MD Projects Appeal Letters

Lion Ian reported that as normal Appeal Letters to support approved Lions Projects had been received and recommended that as per the policy of the Club during recent years, the Appeal Letters should be discussed by the Welfare Committee who would then report back to the club accordingly. Lion Ian did not recommend that the club make any donations until after the respective letters had been reviewed by the Welfare Committee

7. Activities Report Awaiting report from VAL


Val updated the club on the forthcoming Swim marathon outlining jobs that had been assigned to members

This year we have more teams participating in the swim marathon


Mary Ann informed the club that she had contacted Wyre Borough Council regarding a Street Collection Licence for Tram Sunday. Apparently, because there are so many charities attending on the day we do not require a licence but out of courtesy we should contact the Tram Sunday Committee to let them know we will be undertaking a bucket collection.

Agreed to discuss this matter with the Tram Sunday committee


8. LCIF Report Lion Ian Clare

Lion Ian informed the club that he had received several letters from LCIF, with respects to our Lions Clubs International Foundation celebrating 60 years of global service, requesting all clubs to make donations to our charity, LCIF

Lion Ian informed the club that he had received yet another questionnaire from LCIF and had completed it accordingly. This was not tailored to the club but to individual’s view of LCIF

Lions Pamela, Denis and Margaret had also received the LCIF questionnaire

Lion Ian commented that he had made a comment to LCIF that questionnaires should be sent to one person in a club, hence avoiding confusion.


9. Social Committee Report - Lion President Pamela on behalf of Lion Carole

In the absence at hospital of Lion Carole, the Social Report was read out by the President.

She reported that the next Social would be at the River Wyre Hotel, at Poulton on Wednesday the 21st February. Order and pay on the night.

The March Social would be the St. Patrick’s Night Dance on the 16th March at the Ashley Club in Thornton. Tickets are £6 and can be purchased from Lions, Ann, Val or Pamela. Lion Val said she does need to know numbers in advance so that she can confirm all the arrangements regarding the entertainment.

The April Social would be the “Songs from the Shows” at the Thornton Little Theatre on Wednesday the 18th April. Please make a note of the date, but further details such as the cost of the tickets would be given out when known.

 Reported that PR releases had been in the


11. Public Relations Lion Stuart

Lion Stuart reported that PR releases had been in the Fleetwood Weekly News and Fylde Matters

12. Membership Report Lion Ian Clare

a.Lion Ian welcomed our guest Marian and hoped that she would return to further meetings and join the club. Ian informed the club that he had spoken to a lady who was hoping to attend the meeting with her friend. Ian agreed to contact the lady and invite her and her friend to our March meeting.


b. Way of Working Statement issued to all Districts and our Patron following the Oxfam issue See note and explanation below.

As members of Lions Clubs International, we have a global network of 1.4 million volunteers.  When a humanitarian crisis strikes, Lions Clubs International Foundation work with and are guided by their own Lions members who are ordinary people present on the ground.  As the World's largest voluntary, non-governmental organisation, our volunteers fundraise in their own local communities, with every penny raised being used to help those in need.  We don't spend money on fancy fundraising campaigns, all our administration and marketing costs are funded by members' subs.  It can prove difficult providing aid but we are committed not to wasting the money entrusted to Lions by the public and ensuring it can genuinely help victims of a disaster.  Lions Clubs of the British Isles are very grateful for the public support, which enables us to commit to solving long-term problems through our presence in local communities throughout the world.  Every Lions Club supports a range of good causes and local projects in its area where you can get involved.

Following the Oxfam behaviour Lion Ian informed the Club that a statement had been issued by the Council Chairman and the MD PR team, following several requests from club outfling the difference between Lions Clubs and NGO’s.

In view of the fact that our Patron is the Countess of Wessex a copy of he statement below had been issued to the Royal Family, by PID Phil Nathan.


13. Almoners Report Lion President Pamela

Almoner Lion Paul was absent from the meeting, following an operation on his back. Lion President Pamela and Lion Margaret H had visited Paul who is on the mend

14. Talking Newspaper Lion Mary Ann

The dates for talking newspapers for 2018 to be undertaken by club are as follows:-

19.02.18; 09.04.18; 14.05.18; 20.08.18; 15.10.18 & 19.11.18

It was agreed that the club have a full team re the 19th February Talking Newspaper


15. District Convention Resolutions

The club discussed the following Resolutions being tabled at the District Convention on 3 March 2017

Resolution 1. – Honorary Auditor 2018/2019

“The resolution proposes that Lion Graham Murphy of Crosby & District Lions Club be appointed as an Independent Examiner for the District accounts for the year 2018/2019.”



16. Diary Dates Lion Denis Bowker


  • LYTHAM CHARTER 12/5/18


17. Tail Twister Lion Fred Riley

Lion Fred suitably extract money from those members who had caused light hearted problems during the meeting,

18 Vulnerable Persons Officer and DBS

Mary Ann informed the club that the next meeting wants to discuss the matter of DBS Forms and the members being cleared by the DBS Mary Ann will go into greater detail at the next meeting. The club will also require a Vulnerable Persons Officer.


19. Any other Business

a.60 Club Winners Paul Clarke and Jean Durrell

b.Wine raffle

c. ZC Mary Ann informed the club of the following

c. Local Marie Currie Collection

Lion Peter Davies informed the club that the local group where holding their annual collection at Morrison’s Cleveleys from Thursday 8th March until Sat 10 March Lion Peter circulated a timetable for the event requests members to assist in the collection.

Lion President, following the Toast to Lions Clubs International closed the meeting at 9.34 pm

The next Business Meeting shall be held at the North Euston Hotel on Wed. 14th March 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm.

E. & O. E

Ian Clare Minute Secretary
















































































































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