Memorial Day Parade - May 27, 2019

Memorial Day is an important national holiday, and we were more than glad to take part in this wonderful community event. We marched the mile and then ate a lovely barbecue lunch. …ICEPN , Worldjournal , America Chinese Life

Asian American Heritage Festival - May 25, 2019

This May was Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and, in the spirit of celebrating it, we attended and performed at the Asian American Heritage Festival in late May. We sang and danced, and put on a wonderful display! …America Chinese Life

Spring Beach Cleanup - April 13, 2019

We returned to the Raritan Bay Waterfront Park again in early April and helped to scour the sand for trash. We picked up plenty of garbage and went home satisfied that we had helped make the world more beautiful. …America Chinese Life

Eyeglasses Recycling - April 6, 2019

On this Saturday morning, the Edison Metro Lions Club went to West Trenton to volunteer at the NJ Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center. They sorted many boxes of glasses, and were highly productive. …ICEPN , Worldjournal , America Chinese Life , Sino-Monthly

New Years Celebrations - February 24, 2019

For the 2019 Lunar New Year, we went to the Metuchen Public Library and performed songs and dances. Many popular and classic Chinese songs were displayed that day. …ICEPN

White Cane Fundraising - December 29, 2018

Every year, we go to Menlo Park Mall to raise money for the White Cane organization. On this occasion, we raised over one hundred dollars in just one afternoon! …ICEPN

Food Donation

Peace Poster Winner - December, 2018

This year's theme for the annual Peace Poster Contest was "Kindness Matters." The winner for the 2018 competition was Emma Fang. …ICEPN

Anniversary Party - October 28, 2018

This is the twelfth year of our club's existence, and we celebrated in style. Taking place at the Pines Manor, the luncheon featured esteemed guests like Mary Devon O'Brien, Chris Smith, John Romano, Mahesh Chitnis, and Armando Guerra. …Worldjournal, ICEPN

Environmental Cleanup - October 20, November 10, 2018

The environment's condition is one of the club's biggest priorities. This fall, we visited two parks: first we returned to Raritan Bay and did our biannual beach cleanup, and later we visited the Ireland Brook Conservation Area and helped clear the trails there. …ICEPN

Veterans House Performance - October 7, 2018

The performance this time included both Leos and Lions. We performed songs like "You Raise Me Up," "Ave Maria," and many other songs. …ICEPN

New Leo Members Induction - October 6, 2018

On this day, our new members were inducted. In a wonderful ceremony, with key guests including Mary Devon O'Brien and Mahesh Chitnis, our fourth Leo Club, the Edison-Somerset Leo Club, was established. …Worldjournal

Food Donation - September 27, 2018

In this event, we were able to collect 80 entire boxes of instant noodles. Donating them to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, we contributed and helped the community. …ICEPN News, Worldjournal


Book Project: Donation Event & Shipment Event - September 8, 2018 & July 7, 2018

This year, we have collected over 800 book into 4 cargo boxes and shipped again to Phillipines for the kids there. This is the seventh year we have been doing this project. …ICEPN News

Leo Music Performance for Veterans - August 29, 2018 & August 1, 2018

Two all Leo Music Performance Events were organized and performance at the Memorial Veteran Home at Edison, more than 20 Leo members has partipant the performance with the combination of vocal, dance and various instrucments. …ICEPN News

Sumerset Leo Club - September 8, 2018 & July 7, 2018

A new Leo club has established: Sumerset Leo Club. …news

Internation Convention in Las Vegas - June 28, 2018 & July 2, 2018

Edison Metro Lions Club has sent out a delegation of 16 members to the LCI Convention in Las Vegas, a 'Serve the Community with Music" session and performance after has impressed the internation audiance. … Faxian News

Food, Help, and Hope for All - June 23, 2018 & July 21, 2018

Two times during the summer the edison metro lions club members visited the local foodbank and helped with food packing. …NJ Lions newsletter July issue

Park Cleanup - May 19, 2018 & June 2, 2018

This year, we participated in two separate Park Cleanup events. We went to Thompson Park in May for the Spring Spruce Up event, then visited Davidson Mill Pond Park in June in order to participate in the National Trails Day event. …World Journal

Heritage Festival Performance - May 20, 2018

This is the fourth year that the Edison Metro Lions Club Dance Team has participated in the Asian American Heritage Festival in Edison, New Jersey. They performed many beautiful dances, including solo dances, double dances, and even an amazing eight person dance! …World Journal, ICEPN TV, Sino-Monthly

Food Donation

Food Donation to Foodbank - May 15, 2018

Edison Metro Lions Club has donated 58 boxes of Food to Broken Loaves Food Pantry in Old Bridge Through the community Foodbank of New Jersey, the manager are very grateful and said this act will certainly benefit their 120 low income families. …World Journal,

Lions/Leo Club Election - April 26, 2018

Every April, the Edison Metro Lions Club conducts its Officer Elections. This year, a few of the newly elected officers include Peixin Yu as President, Margaret Zhu and Honglan Zheng as Vice Presidents, Lynette Hei as Treasurer, Kenneth Lee as Secretary, and more. Please join us in congratulating our new officers! …ICEPN TV, USChinapress News

Beach Cleanup - April 21, 2018

Environmental protection and upkeep has been and always will be one of our groups main tasks. This April, we returned to the Raritan Bay Beach Park for our annual Beach Cleanup. …ICEPN TV,

Music Group

Chinese New Year Celebrations - March 16, 2018

Edison Metro Music Group has been giving a list of performances during the Chinese New Year Season, they have been to The ExxonMobil Chinese New Year Party held in Green Brook, to two senior livings at Hillsborough and Somerset, giving about one hour long wonderful performances each session, songs, dances and music instrument playing have enriched the multicultural community living and have won wide range of compliments from the audiences …World Journal, USChinapress News, ICEPN News, Epochtime News

Great Stage Gala - March 11, 2018

The Adult Dance Team from Edison Metro Music Group won the golden trophy from the art & music talent competitions! Congratulations! The Great Stage Award Festival has attracted almost all local music & art masters, when state senator Thompson presented the golden trophy to the dance group, all audience has burst into applauses to this active average-age-50 dance group, which the group is well deserved. …ICEPN News

Peace Poster and PVSA Award Ceremony - February 04, 2018

At Metuchen Public Library, 50 people has gathered together to honor LEOs who won this year's presidential service award and the Peace Poster winners … ICEPN News

White Cane Fundraising Event - January 03, 2018

Every Year End, Edison Metro Lions Club would celebrate White Cane Day by orchestrating a fundraiser to help those in need of optical treatment, this time 20 Leos gathered in Menlo Park Mall …World Journal , ICEPN TV , EPochtimes News

Peace Poster

Peace Poster won State Champion! - December 13, 2017

13 year old Helen Zhang, a first time participant of the Lions Club International Peace Poster Competition, won the State Championship! …ICEPN News , World Journal

Veterans Home Thanksgivings Performance - November 28, 2017

On Thanksgivings Weekend, The Music Group of Edison Metro Lions Club has given a wonderful performance to the Memorial Veteran Home, about twenty various music art pieces have been performed …ICEPN News

Peace Poster Win! - November 21, 2017

The annual LCI Peace Poster Competition has the topic: the future of peace this year, the peace poster by Helen Zhang has won again this year …ICEPN News , World Journal

Raritan Bay Cleanup - October 21, 2017

Beach Cleanup at Raritan Bay Waterfront Park has been the environment protection actions for our Lions and Leos for years, on the morning of Oct 21, 2017, …ICEPN News , World Journal

Fundraising Party - October 11, 2017

The 11th Club Annual Party and Fundraising Event has held at the Somerset Fairfield Marriot on October 8, 2017. About 65 club members and guest has attended the event …World Journal , ICEPN

Park Cleanup - October 3, 2017

On 2017 National Public Lands Day many of the Edison Metro Lions Club's lions and Leos volunteered at the John A. Phillips Preserve in Old Bridge …ICEPNTV News

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