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Helen Liu - President

Julia Lin - Vice President

Emily Xu - Vice President Aaron Zhu - Secretary Eric Xu - Treasurer & Lead Webmaster
Vincent Xie Kevin Zhao Michelle Sy Grace He Andrew Chen
Kaitlin Zhang Andy Chen Grace Wang Helen Liu Maria Mueller
Amanda Sun Michael Sun Julia Yi Joshua Yi  

Helen Liu - President of East Brunswick Leo Club

Helen Liu

Being a Leo has given me the invaluable opportunity to contribute to my community and make a positive mark on those around me. By participating in various volunteer events, including litter cleanup, book donations, and performances for the elderly, I was able to gain various skills and develop awareness and empathy for those in need. As President, I aim to continue serving the community and changing the world for the better. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Julia Lin - Vice President of East Brunswick Leo Club

Julia Lin

Being a member of the East Brunswick Leo Club has helped me realize how much of an positive impact our club can have on the community. I think that it is important for young people to be able to participate in the various volunteering opportunities that the Leo Club provides and learn from these experiences. I am proud to be a Leo and I am eager to continue my work as Vice President.

Emily Xu - Vice President of East Brunswick Leo Club

Emily Xu

To me, Lions Club isn't just a place where I get to serve the surrounding community. Through park cleanups and clearing hiking trails and volunteering time at food banks, the volunteering organization itself is a way for people to get to know one another and grow as a group. I didn't expect to be able to adjust to Lions Club so fast, but after seeing how people my age made an impact on the community by doing simple things like taking the time to perform music at places like the Veteran's House, it's safe to say that I'm glad I joined, and I'm lucky to be Vice President.

Aaron Zhu - Secretary of East Brunswick Leo Club

Helen Liu

As Calvin Coolidge once said, "No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. Being a Leo has helped me give back to my community and grow as a person. Though planting trees, creating trails, and participating in other such events, I have gained valuable experiences and learned unforgettable lessons.

Eric Xu - Treasurer & Lead Webmaster of East Brunswick Leo Club

Julia Lin

In April of 2017, I joined the Edison Metro Lions Club, and I have never regretted that decision. Being a member of this club has provided me many excellent opportunities to make my community so much better, allowing me to help clean up our public parks, provide food to the needy, give books to the less fortunate, and so much more.  The events and experiences that I have witnessed as part of this group will stay with me forever. Edison Metro Lions Club is a truly wonderful organization.

Justine Haung - President

Christina Chin - Vice President

Kevin Ge -  Secretary

James Xu - Treasurer
Kevin Tang Cassie Wang Wantong Zhu Xiyue Sang
Xihan He Sophia Lu Michelle Lu Xin Chen
Phillip Ding Justin Guo Warren Guo Ethan Meng
Helena Zhang Howard Xu    

Justine Huang - President of Edison Leo Club

Justine Huang

Thank you Edison Metro Lions Club for givng me so many opportunities to serve our community. I am proud to be part of the Leo Club for the past 5 years. It is my honor to meet so many Lions and Leos.


Christina Chin - Vice President of Edison Leo Club

Christina Chin

Hello, I always enjoy the activities our club does together. From tutoring English to blind adults in China,   fundraising of “White Cane Day”, cleaning up local parks or performing at senior centers, every activity has been a rewarding experience for me. The Leo Club has shared with me many moments of joy and taught me many skills to remember, and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the future.

Kevin Ge - Immediate Past President / Secretary of Edison Leo Club

Kevin Ge

I joined the Edison Leo Club in 2010. As a member of the club, I have had many opportunities to help the community and meet other people. We work together to help the environment and entertain others by performing in senior centers, veterans home, hospitals and other places, and building trails as well as cleaning up beaches. I have learned so much from being part of this club including responsiblity, teamwork and leadership.

James Xu - Treasurer of Edison Leo Club

James Xu

My name is James Xu and I have been in the Edison Leo club since seventh grade. I am so proud to be part of this great organization and it has given me a lot of opportunities to help other people and serve our community. I enjoy volunteering with other Leos in various activities. I look forward to accomplishing more in the future and becoming a better person.


Danielle Yan - President

 Andrew Xu - Vice President Clara Lee  - Secretary  Kristen Lee - Treasuer
Danielle Yan - President of Highland Park Leo Club


Danielle Yan

The best part about Leo Club is the variety of experiences that it provides. There are many different kinds of volunteer events and some are done with other organizations. I was able to meet many different people and try a lot of new things. Looking back on my experiences with Leo Club, I can confidently say that most of them were meaningful and beneficial to me. I look forward to making more memories and making a difference in our community as the president of Highland Park Leo Club

Andrew Xu - Vice President of Highland Park Leo Club andrew xu

I value the opportunity to help my community as I personally believe my purpose in life is to make a difference in the world. Being a Leo allows me accomplish my goal of helping the environment and its people. Since middle school, I have been performing with my fellow Leos, who encourage me to bring out the best in myself and in others. It gives me great pleasure to participate in community events such as beach and trail clean-ups as well as the dance for senior citizens and veterans. Overall, as treasurer I wish to not only benefit myself in taking part in community service but also to strengthen our community as a whole.

Clara Lee - Secretary of Highland Park Leo Club>

Being a part of the Leo club has given me many opportunities to take further steps in helping the community. Through performing at veteran homes, cleaning local parks, as well as other activities, I have learned so much. I enjoyed every moment of conquering different skills, meeting new people, and contributing to the community. I look forward to seeing how I can challenge myself to make a change in the world.

Kristen Lee - Treasurer of Highland Park Leo Club

I joined the Leo Club just recently and though I did not think that this would be fun, after spending a while with the other members, I have found it to be enjoyable. There are many volunteer events like a beach clean up that help the environment and the people around it. And I would like to try new things and participate in these events. I look forward to taking part in serving the community.


Grace He- President

Kaitlyn Zhang- Vice President Evelyn Shiang- Secretary Grace Wang- Treasurer

Kelly Shao

Cindy Dang

Rachel Ou

Yi Li

Livia Kong

Venessa Gong

Yilin Chen

Kelly Zhao

Zhiwei Wang      
Grace He - President of Somerset Leo Club


Danielle Yan

When I joined the club a few years ago, I was part of the Edison Lions Musical Group where I danced at many venues, including Asian Festivals, senior centers, and Veteran homes. Through these experiences in addition to attending the International Lions Convention in Chicago and Las Vegas, I’ve realized the potential to positively impact the community by sharing what I love. Edison Metro Lions Club provides me with the perfect opportunity to give back to those that served our community. As president, I will continue this legacy and provide other members with similar opportunities while promoting collaboration and acceptance.

Katie Zhang - Vice President of Somerset Leo Club andrew xu

My first experience with the world of Lions Clubs was with the Edison Metro Lions Club. There, I performed at local Asian Festivals, Veteran homes, and senior centers, spreading Chinese culture to the community. Chinese dance has always been an integral part of who I am, and to know that just by doing what I enjoy I can make someone else’s life better makes me all the more motivated to continue doing so. After attending the 101st International Lions Convention in Las Vegas, I was exposed to the multitudes of people who were dedicated to giving back to the community—and wanted to continue pursuing the same goal. As Vice President, I intend to continue promoting cultural understanding and undertake new opportunities for service.

Evelyn Shiang - Secretary of Somerset Leo Club>

I only recently joined the club, but I feel like I’ve already found myself a home. Here, the members are enthusiastic and passionate about service. Being surrounded by people who strive to apply their talents, such as dance and singing, and volunteer numerous hours not for themselves, but purely for the benefit of others has been a great inspiration. I look forward to serving side-by-side with my fellow members and using community service as a means to do what the Leo Club has done for me: inspire.

Grace Wang - Treasurer of Somerset Leo Club

My first experience with the club was at a local food drive. Through my participation, I realized the value of taking time out of my schedule for a greater cause: the betterment of the community. At the drive, even the host of the event mentioned that we packed about one hundred more boxes of goods than he had expected. In being treasurer, I hope I can dedicate myself to encouraging other members of the community to participate, and similarly go above and beyond for the community. I look forward to being an active participant in the Lion's Club and promoting its values in my service.



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