Chartered 2011

The Colborne and District Lions Club is now official. Its 24 members were welcomed and the club was officially chartered at a ceremony and dinner on April 2, 2011 attended by about 125 people.


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Cramahe Firefighters and Camp L.I.F.T.

At last night's meeting, we were treated to a presentation from Cramahe firefighters Dempsey and McRobb on their first run of Camp LI.F.T. (Ladies In Firefighter Training). This camp is for girls aged 11-13 and is intended as a way to help them find themselves through these important formative years. 

The ladies of the Cramahe Fire Dept. also presented the Colborne Lions with a plaque as a thank you for our donation to their camp. It is their intention to run the camp again next year, and preliminary planning on their part has already begun. More information on Camp L.I.F.T. can be found here:

Sad News

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Past Colborne Club President and beloved friend Frits Scheltema. Frits passed October 13 (if you consider the time in The Netherlands, which was his birthplace), during his 66th birthday. Frits embodied everything it meant to be a Lion. He was extremely generous with anything that would help other people. He placed the needs of others well before his own, including trying to tough out a Lions Convention while suffering from the debilitating health issues that would eventually take his life. He was steadfast and fierce in his charity, giving all he had to ensure those he was tasked to look after were completely taken care of. The Colborne and District Lions are less without him, but we are determined to continue his legacy of giving.

Festival of Trees

The Colborne and District Lions are once again decorating a tree for the festival of trees. Held Nov. 24 & 25 at the Colborne Legion. This festival benefits Colborne Public School's music program. Last year's event raised over $10 000.

Presentation of Cheque to Castleton Sports Club

From Left to Right: Kevin White (CSC President), Cass Carr (CSC Treasurer), Liz Carr (CSC Secretary), Marc Coombs (Mayor of Cramahe)

The presentation of a cheque from the Colborne and District Lions to the Castleton Sports Club. Presenting the cheque (pictured on the far right) was Cramahe Mayor and distinguished Lion Marc Coombs. Donations like these help keep the sports fields in Castleton, Ontario free for the public to use.

Guitar and Instrument Sale Roundup

General club meetings have begun once again, meaning it is about time that an update is posted here.

Last month, the Colborne and District Lions held their first annual Guitar and Instrument Sale. This event was a monumental success, drawing in unprecedented crowds. Many of the participating vendors were also surprised at the popularity, and have expressed interest in returning next year.


Among the highlights was a particular collector who used to be associated with The Ventures, an American instrumental rock band formed in 1958. His collection included incredibly rare and valuable guitars that you would not find anywhere else.


During our first post-event club meeting, and based on the very positive response to the sale, the Colborne Lions have decided that this should be an annual event. We are already in preliminary discussions about the details of next year's Guitar and Instrument Sale, as we aim to build on the successes of this first event.

Upcoming Event 2017: Castleton Corn Roast

Join us on August 27 as the Colborne and District Lions help to put on the Castleton Corn Roast. As always, additional details can be found on our Calendar page. Below is the event promotional poster:

Upcoming Event 2017: Vintage Guitar and Instrument Sale Poster

Any additional details will be added to our Calendar page (link is on the left) when they become available.


In June 2017, a new Administrator was named for the Colborne and District Lions E-Clubhouse page. Due to circumstances, updates had not been posted here for quite some time prior to this change. Therefore, there is a large gap between the last events posted and the events that will be posted from here on out. We are a busy club though! Be sure of that!

Additional 2017 events and activities will be added to the homepage and the Calendar page when more details are available.


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