* Please Note * We have previously announced that we were moving to the fields of M4 Karting to produce our eighth annual event.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to use this site now and we will now be holding the show in the fields at Meadow Farm Nurseries (Sutton Lane, Langley Burrell), SN15 4LW. 

This site has excellent facilities and just the right amount of space for all your old favourites and a few more. And further, the access roads from Sutton Benger and Langley Burrell are very good, so why not...

The date will be the usual first Sunday in June to make it 2nd June 2019.  So ... save the date.

Remember - if you want to show a vehicle, book a stall, advertise in the show brochure or make any enquiry then you can always find us by clicking on:

But right now, we are hard at work planning for a smooth trouble free event. And don't forget all monies raised will go to Lions Charities - Local, National and International.

Latest ... Barratt Homes, who are developing Birds Marsh View in Chippenham have presented us with a cheque for £1,000 to assist in the costs of staging this event. There is a presentation photo on our home page.


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Chippenham Lions and Allington Farm Shop estimate that more than 2,500 people were present at the ‘Cherished Vehicle and Farm Fun Day’ on Sunday 3 June held on the Allington Farm Shop field.

This was the seventh year that this event has been held and we were able to build on the success of the previous years to deliver an event which had something for everyone - the cars, the arena events, the fairground, the craft, charity and trade stands, farm animals and farm demonstrations.

After last year’s day of poor weather we were blessed with a wonderful day of sunshine and high temperatures - certainly the best for several weeks and this just added to the pleasure of the day.

Cherished cars started to arrive from about 9:00 and by 9:30 there was, what appeared to be, a never ending stream of vehicles of all types. Indeed, one of the features of this event is that there is no restriction on vehicle type or age and as a result there was a huge diversity from classics, kit cars, working vehicles, muscle cars and rare breeds.

Everything was nicely in place when the doors opened to the general public at 11:00 and the event was then formally opened a little later by our guests Michelle Donelan, MP and Chippenham Mayor, Cllr Andy Phillips accompanied by his wife, the Mayoress, Cllr Nina Phillips.

The show has built up over the years with ever more visitors, traders and cars and we estimate that we had a record of about 275 cherished vehicles and 44 stall holders.

The cars themselves, as usual, were meticulously turned out by their proud owners and the sunshine allowed them to be seen at their best. Amongst the individual entrants were many owner’s clubs represented by marques as diverse as TVR, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Citroen, VW and kit cars. Indeed, many clubs now use the event as a scheduled club meet.  It gave a good opportunity for the owners to meet old friends and to make new ones, to exchange technical information and to reminisce.

This was the third year we had run the 'The Bob Astwood Memorial Trophy' for a cherished vehicle which has the greatest appeal to visitors and to exhibitors alike. The trophy was awarded to Richard Edmonds Snr of Colerne Classic Car Club for his 1935 Lagonda Rapide 3500.  The cup was presented by Bob’s partner Pam Ponting. Last year we also had a true classic as a winner and it shows the tremendous respect these vehicles command on the field. 

We also had a full arena programme with entertainment and we were visited for the first time by The New Male Majorettes and The Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club.  We also had demonstrations from Wiltshire and Dorset Fire and Rescue and Allington Farm who showed us state of the art farm machinery.

It was a wonderful day all round, and the Chippenham Lions are very grateful to all those who attended and we hope they all had a good day. It was a hardworking day for us and the culmination of many months of preparation and all Chippenham Lions are proud to have been part of it especially as it has now become an established part of Chippenham life. The event was run for charities and initial indications are that the income could be in excess of £8,000 and all the money raised will go to Lions Charities - local, national and international.  To see more about the way that Lions funds are used visit our Community Service Page (linked from the menu on the left)

The date for the next event is Sunday, 2 June, 2019 and we look forward to seeing you there.  But in the meantime, you can always find us by clicking on


....   Martin Horton

Stuart Hambleton Arrives in his 1937, Fordson Model 61, 25 cwt Truck


Robert Haylett Brought Along his 1950, MG TD


Richard Jefferies Arrives in his 1956, Cadillac Fleetwood


Jonathon Munton Brought Along his 2000, Morgan 4/4


MG Midget next to a Chevrolet next to a VW Camper Van to show the Huge Variety of Vehicles at the Show.


Richard  Stutt is the Proud Owner of this 1966, Triumph TR4


Linda McLeod Brought her 1966, Triumph Herald Along to the Show


An Alternative View of The Cars from a 360 deg Camera


The Chippenham Volunteer Police Cadets under the care of PCSO Julie Chard Before Going on Duty 


We are very Grateful to the Chippenham Sea Cadets Under PO Neil Hewitt who Litter Picked for us


The Day was Opened Officially for us by Michelle Donelan, MP, our President, Ted Greve and Mayor Cllr Andy Phillips


The Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club Impressed All with a Series of Increasingly Difficult Tumbles in The Arena


The New Male Majorettes were Something to Marvel at in The Arena


Mr Chuffy Provides Delight for Young and Not-So-Young


The Fairground was There as Usual


Anca from Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club Shows what can be done on the Bungee


Pam Ponting awarded Richard Edmonds of the Colern Classic Car Club with 'The Bob Astwood Memorial Trophy' for the most popular Cherished Vehicle In The Show


A Profile of the 1935 Lagonda Rapide 3500 - our Worthy Trophy Winner


Then There’s Always Some Poser to Hog The Camera


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