Preparations are in their early stages for the 2018 event. As before we are staging this with Allington Farm Shop  and it will be on Sunday 3 June.  Further details are on the business card below and it's never too soon to get in touch...


The 2018 artwork features a drawing derived from my reference photographs taken of last year's Bob Astwood winner - for the most popular car at the show -  The 1934 Jaguar SS Coupe owned by Mike Taylor of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club.

                                             ... Martin Horton



We estimate that more than 2,500 were present at the Chippenham Lions ‘Cherished Vehicle and Farm Fun Day’ on Sunday 4 June on the  Allington Farm Shop field.

This was the sixth year we had held this event in conjunction with Allington Farm Shop and we were able to build on the success of the previous years to deliver an event which had something for everyone - the cars, the fairground, the craft, charity and trade stands, farm animals and farm demonstrations.

We have been very fortunate with the weather in previous year, but things were not quite so good this year.  The day started and ended in sunshine, but we had cloud and a few drops in between. But not to be daunted - it was a great day for all...

Cherished cars started to arrive from about 9:00 and by 9:30 there was, what appeared to be, a never ending stream of vehicles of all types. Indeed, one of the features of this event is that there is no restriction on vehicle type or age and as a result there was a huge diversity from classics, kit cars, working vehicles, muscle cars, a few military​ vehicles and rare breeds.

Everything was nicely in place when the doors opened to the general public at 11:00 and the event was then formally opened shortly after that by the Chippenham Mayor, Councillor Mary Norton.

The show has built up over the years with ever more visitors, traders and cars and we estimate that we had about 250 cherished vehicles and more than 50 stall holders.

The cars themselves, as usual, were meticulously turned out by their proud owners and the early sunshine allowed them to be seen at their best. Amongst the individual entrants were many owner’s clubs represented by marques as diverse as Swift, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Citroen, VW and kit cars. Indeed, many clubs now use the event as a scheduled club meet.  It gave a good opportunity for the owners to meet old friends and to make new ones, to exchange technical information and to reminisce.

This was the third year we had run the 'The Bob Astwood Memorial Trophy' for a cherished vehicle which has the greatest appeal to visitors and to exhibitors alike.  The trophy was awarded to Mike Taylor of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club for his 1934 Jaguar SS Coupe.  The cup was presented by Bob’s partner Pam Ponting. Last year we had had a colourful special and this year a true classic and it showed the diversity of vehicles present on the field. 

It was a wonderful day all round and the Chippenham Lions are very grateful to all those who attended and we hope they all had a good day. It was a hardworking day for us and the culmination of many months of preparation and all Chippenham Lions are proud to have been part of it especially as it has now become an established part of Chippenham life. The event was run for charities and initial indications are that the income could be in excess of £9,000 and all the money raised will go to Lions Charities - local, national and international.

The date for the event next year is Sunday, 3 June and we look forward to seeing you there, but you can always find us on

                                                                                                       ....   Martin Horton


Mike Haskell​ arrives in his 1927 Morris Oxford
At the other end of the spectrum, Roger Davis​ is seen arriving in his 1989 Lamborghini Coutach Replica


The Citroen Specials Club​​ arrives en-mass​e with Ron Bishop leading the way in his 1979, CitroBM


Morgan Sports Club were close behind with Brian Miller,​  leading the way​ in his 2002 Morgan Aero 8

This year we were lucky enough to have The Swift Club meet at our event and Vincent Rawlins is shown here with his 1914, Swift Cycle Car


Another extreem with Jason Curnock and his 2015, Mustang GT, Wonderful exhaust note!


Chippenham Mayor, Councillor  Mary Norton opened the event officially


The Community Police Cadets patrol the field in Mr Chuffy - lead by PCSO Julie Chard we see Toby, Katie, Emile, Megan Shenita and Jo.  They then went on to help with car parking.  We thank them


Chippenham Sea Cadets - Tobin, Harrison, Dominic and James litter-picked the field for us​.  We thank them.


The fair ground provided something for visitors of all ages


Maria anticipates the Big Plunge on the slide. She arrived safely​


Brothers Peter and George pose for us as bee and keeper


The Fire Engine proved an attraction for all ages


Doodles Tyres sponsored us this year and took a stand​ to show off their mobile service

Rubin takes a keen interest in 'Jenny Wren', a Ruston Proctor Steam Tractor built by David Simmons


Pam Ponting awarded Mike Taylor of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club with 'The Bob Astwood Memorial Trophy' for the most popular Cherised Vehicle In The Show


A Profile of the ​1934 Jaguar SS Coupe - our worthy trophy winner

And some just slept through the whole day


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