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October 8, 2016

Time 4-7 PM

Chili Senior Center – 3235 Chili Avenue

Adult $8   Senior $7   Child 5-11 $5   Under 5 Free





OR CALL 729-2053






We are having a Geranium Sale!!!

                                                        May 6 and 7 2016

                                  To Order Call: Tom or Bonnie Platt   247-2958





We have wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc., give us a call!

Lions of Chili Medical Loan Closet

Dominick Fantauzzo

(H) 585-594-0839


The following excerpt is from the Town of Chili's 7/15/2015Town Board meeting.  But couldn't it be any Lions Club?

COUNCILMAN SLATTERY: First, I would just like to thank the Chili Lions, the Lions
Club for everything they have done over the years.
Since I was first elected in '99, I wasn't aware of their participation with the community
and their dedication and their commitment, and what they have done for this community. When I first started years ago, my first introduction with them was them donating playground
equipment and finances for our parks, and when you look at what we are able to do because of
them, I think it's outstanding and it's a wonderful contribution that they -- they do for this
The dedication, the volunteering and the hours they do, sitting outside different places,
different fund-raisers, the wheelchairs and so forth. So it's really -- it's a service that is
outstanding and benefits so many people who are less fortunate and unable to provide for
themselves, so I just wanted to say thank you and I greatly appreciate it.
SUPERVISOR DUNNING: And certainly, I echo every word that Councilman Slattery
mentioned there. As some of you know, two years ago that it was not always just for the
unfortunate. It was for some of us who have the means, but they opened up their loan closet to
provide me with a wheelchair, a scooter, some crutches and anything I needed to be able to get
around and be mobile. As a result of that, I was able come to work every day. I think I missed
one day with my broken ankle there.
And the many, many things that the Lions Club has contributed to the Town. And I know
moving forward, there has been a lot of talk about some work you want to do and help out over
at the spray park and putting some benches in over there, and I just want to say as an
organization, you guys are the best. You guys and gals are absolutely the best. You do an
amazing job for us in our community.
And there is -- certainly a dedication of a pavilion is just a very, very small token of really
the appreciation we have for what you do and what you have provided to everyone here in Chili.
So on behalf of myself, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have provided us.
COUNCILWOMAN SPERR: You make us so proud. I just -- it's a thrill to be able to tell
people all of the wonderful things you do when they're asked about it.
I, too, broke my ankle. So I tell you, I had signed up for the Breast Cancer Awareness
walk downtown for our company and I break my ankle. So, of course, I can't walk, but I got a
wheelchair and they pushed me in a wheelchair. And I put pink on it, too, so it was just so much
appreciated. I just want to say thank you personally.
COUNCILWOMAN DIFLORIO: I was going to say it's not just about the monetary things
that you do for our community but just being a part of our community.
And I remember you being at our Halloween event with the Recreation Department and
speaking to you there, and suggesting participation in our Festival of Lights Parade and you were
all there with a great float and just being a part of our community, as well. And to me, that's
what Chili is all about. So thank you for -- for being that.
SUPERVISOR DUNNING: I will take a roll call now, please.
RESOLUTION #219 RE: Davis Park Pavilion Dedication-Lions Club of Chili.
OFFERED BY: Supervisor Dunning SECONDED BY: Councilman Brown
Councilwoman DiFlorio
Councilman Slattery
Councilwoman Sperr
WHEREAS, the Lions Club of Chili has provided many contributions to the Town of Chili and
its residents through their ongoing dedication and commitment to the Town of Chili’s park
system; and
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that per the recommendation of Michael Curley,
Parks and Recreation Director, and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, the Chili
Town Board herby dedicates the picnic pavilion formerly referred to as “Pavilion B” at Davis
Park to “The Lions Club of Chili Pavilion”.
Councilman Brown - Aye
Councilwoman DiFlorio - Aye
Councilman Slattery - Aye
Councilwoman Sperr - Aye
Supervisor Dunning - Aye
SUPERVISOR DUNNING: I would like to stand and applaud them.
Lions of Chili President Joy Koziol: It's a real honor for us and we look forward to being with
you for more years of collaboration for the Town.

Help Us Give Eye Screenings to Young Kids

The Lions Club of Chili (Chili, New York) is raising money to purchase a "SPOT" camera.  The "SPOT" camera is a highly specialized camera that detects potential problem areas in the eyes of a young (preschool) child.  During the screeing of young children at local daycare centers,  if a possible eye problem is detected, the parents are given a referral and encouraged to have a follow up  check up with their family doctor.  Presently, there is only one (1) "SPOT" camera for a very large area around  the Chili community and the camera is shared with other areas, near and far. The Lions See Program has become so successful due to strictly word of mouth, the anticipated future demand will be more than one camera can handle.  Of 41 children checked during the first screening, 4 children were found to need a referral for a further check up by their family doctor.  Unfortunately, that is 10% of our first screening.  Clearly, there is a need to check the eyes of our young children as early as possible.  The purchase of this "SPOT" camera will allow the Lions Club of Chili the opportunity to offer screenings at many more locations and help many more young children.  The Lions Club of Chili is also excited about being able to share our "SPOT" camera with other local communities and Lions Clubs to help serve the children of their areas. All donations will be handled by the Lions Club of Chili President, Joy Koziol.  Thank you for your donation.  Sincerely, The Lions Club of Chili

Lions Club of Chili helps out at Camp Abilities Brockport

A whole new world of possibilities is opened for children who are visually impaired, blind, and deafblind when they descend on The College at Brockport, State University of New York, for Camp Abilities Brockport, a one-week sports camp for children with visual impairments. Campers ride bikes and horses, they play baseball and run track, and they perform archery and numerous other sports. These are all things that children with visual impairments often believe to be impossible for them to participate in. Camp Abilities Brockport proves otherwise.  The Lions Club of Chili helps by serving meals and encouraging the campers to have a great time.

Town of Chili's First Annual Parade of Lights


What a sucessful event!  Lots of creative juices to make such a beautiful float with a short timeframe!  A good time was had by all.  Lions of Chili was right up ther for best float.  Great to see so many people out in the community.

Rochester Polar Plunge for Special Olympics includes 3 Chili Lions

On February 9, Lions Otto Resch, Carole Agosto, and Mike Donner braved the frigid waters of Lake Ontario for a great cause.  The Lions Club of Chili made a generous donation to sponsor all three swimmers.  It was very cold but they were freezing for a reason.

Lion Otto ready to go for a dip

Lion Carole is ready to "chill out"

The large crowd helped pump up the plungers


The Lions of Chili participate in the Greece Ridge Lions Snow Golf Tournament

On February 1, 2014 some of the Lions of Chili took to the the fairways of Greece Canal Ponds Park for some adventure in the snow.  The rules allowed only a nine iron and a tennis ball.  It was a lot of fun.  A chicken barbeque, raffles, and warm drinks welcomed everyone after they finished the 12 hole course.

L-R Dorinda Foos, Bill Foos, Carole Agosto, and Mike Donner


You had to hit the tire with the tennis ball to complete the hole.

The Hippie Pandas First Robotic Lego Team put on an amazing exhibition.

The Hippie Pandas First Robotic Lego Team, their sponsor Cheryl Lawniczak, and some parents came to our January 28, 2014 meeting.  First, the girls gave a demonstration of making beds out of lightweight concrete-like material for places like Haiti.  Then, they gave a demonstration of their Lego Robotics.  It was very interesting.  As always, there was not a matching sock to be found among the girls.  I think they enjoyed showing off their skills and the Lions were quite entertained.  Lion Joy presented a check for to help finance their trip to St. Louis.

The Scouts explain a science project they are working on.

Enthusiastic Scouts gave an awesome presentation to the Club!

The club presents a check for their trip to the World Convention in St. Louis.

Christmas Basket Deliveries

The Lions Club of Chili were very busy during December.  The club delivered 45 baskets to individuals and familes in Chili to help make the season a little merrier.  This was quite a project, and it was coordinated by Lion Dorinda Foos.  This involves numerous phone calls, arranging purchases, deliveries, etc.. All the Lions helped out in this project. 

Lions Dom Fantauzzo, Bob Foos, and Ron Tucker mixing work and pleasure.

The delivery peple are ready to brighten up some people who really need it around the holidays.

Helpers came out in all ages.

Lions Bonnie and Dorinda making a list and checking it twice.

That's a lot of baskets!

L-R  Peter D'Ambrosio, Diane D'Ambrosio, Tom Platt, Deanna Platt-Morgan, and Dom Fantauzzo ready to head out in the cold for deliveries.



Ringing the Bell for the Salvation Army

It was a cold day and night, but the Lions Club of Chili were there to support the kettle.  Bill Foos, Otto Resch, Jim Keenan, and Bonnie Platt pictured above were part of a good turnout of Lions that made holiday bell ringing a fun event for a great cause.



Tickets are on sale now for this beautiful quilt that was donated to the Lions.  100% of the money collected will go to Project New Hope, which is a retreat for combat veterans.  Tickets are $5 or 3 for $10.



The Medical Loan Closet continues to grow.  Adding new equipment and accepting used equipment has proven to be a successful track record for the loan closet.  The closet has helped residents from multiple counties by loaning out equipment at no cost.  The dedicated volunteer staff of the Loan Closet is really what makes it work.  A lot of work is involved in helping people when they need it most.  The Loan closet is funded by the Lions and our generous contributors.  A true community asset!




The month of October was a busy month for the Lions of Chili. On October 8, we inducted 2 new members into the club.


L to R New Inductee Marci Dietz, Sponsor Joy Koziol, New Inductee George Bowles, Sponsor Bert Maggio, District Governor Bob Infantino, Membership Chair Keith Bozek


On October 14, a few of our members made a trip to the Ronald McDonald House. The Lions of Chili have been participating in an effort to collect Pop-Tabs from can of soft drinks to raise money for this worthy cause.

L to R Lions Dorinda Foos, Ron Tucker, Kathy Stothard, and Bonnie Platt


The club braved the elements on for a Candy Day at the local K-Mart, The Town & Country restaurant and the North Chili Family Diner. We had 12 volunteers and raised $178 dollars during the 2 day event held October 18 and 19.

L to R Lion President Bonnie Platt, Tom Platt, and Don Cussen

L to R Lions Millie Thurley, Barb Thurley, and Jean Jones

L TO R  Lions Mike Donner, Maria Williams, Brian Williams

Lions Bill Foos, Dorinda Foos, and Dom Fantauzzo

Last but not least, the Chili Lions played host to a very generous and thoughtful Boy Scout, Chris Kurdziel. Chris donated money he raised at his Pinewood Derby to help combat veterans. His money will be used for Project New Hope at Lions Camp Badger. Project New Hope helps these veterans through weekend retreats, where they can get away with other veterans and talk about issues affecting them.

L to R Bonnie Platt, Proud Father Michael Kurdziel, Chris Kurdziel, and Project New Hope representative Marv Hankinson






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