1939  -   (Our 77th year of Community Service)  -  2017


 Roaring Cal

New club leaders are installed!!!

  It's official!  

          Members of the Board of Directors for 2017-18 were formally installed by Region Chairman Terry Yauger during the annual dinner on Friday, June 16, at the Lansing Knights of Columbus.

         They are:  President -- Christa (Valencia) Kelley

  (She is the first woman president in the club's 77-year history!)

1st VP -- Krista Boehm;  2nd VP -- Ashley (Lake) Houlihan;

Secretary -- Maria Valencia;  Treasurer -- Katie Keilman;

Lion Tamer -- Bob Lake;  Tail Twister -- Steve Drew;

Past President -- Lionel Valencia

Directors -- Chuck EggebrechtDennis Halloran

                     Larry MorrisonSteve Sikorski

      Congrats and kudos to Lion Katie Keilman, who was recognized as Lion of the Year, an honor well-deserved. Atta, girl Lion Katie!!!

      Many thanks to President Leo Valencia for a great job leading us through our 77th year of Community Service.

3 new Lions join the ranks

     Three new members have come on board!  They were inducted during the Installation Dinner on June 16. Please be sure to meet them, greet them and make them feel welcome.

   ***   JOHN BOEHM  (sponsor:: Krista Boehm)  

   ***   ALYSSA KEENE  (sponsor:: Maria Valencia)

   ***   COLLEEN SCHUTZ  (sponsor:: Ashley Houlihan)

It's time to party!

       The 100th anniversary of Lionism is right aroung the corner!!!  Make plans to join us in Chicago where it all began. Fifty thousand (50,000) Lions from around the world are ready to descend upon the Windy City from June 30-July 4 to celebrate a century of service. A giant parade! . . . concerts! . . . seminars! . . . Make plans to come on down to that toddling town!!!

Thanks for your service!

Public servants and area educators were recognized at our final General Membership meeting on Tuesday, May 23, at the Lansing K of C  In addition, the fifth annual Sister Alban Award for outstanding community service was presented. Congratulations to all!!!

And ... the winners are!!!

This year's annual raffle was held on May 12, 2017, at the Lansing K of C hall. Only five hundred (500) tickets ($100 each) were sold. The winning ticket numbers were:

(1)  No. 095  --  $20,000  (Sold by Lion John Kasperek) 

(2)  No. 445  --  $2,000  (Sold by Lion Paul Krueger) 

(3)  No. 096  -- $1,000  (Sold by Lion Jim Gigliotti)

(4)  No. 191  -- $500  (Sold by Lion John Kasperek) 

 (5)  No. 180  -- $250  (Sold by Lion Steve Drew)

 (6)  No. 057  -- $250  (Sold by Lion Steve Drew)

 (7)  No. 206  -- $200  (Sold by Lion Lou Torres)

 (8)  No. 428  -- $200  (Sold by Lion Lou Torres)

 (9)  No. 181  -- $200  (Sold by Lion Bob Schneider)

(10)  No. 167  -- $200  (Sold by Lion Chuck Eggebrecht)

The second Early Bird Drawing winner ($1,000) was ticket #319 sold by Lion Bob Schneider.  The first Early Bird Drawing winner ($250) was ticket #067 sold by Lion Lou Torres.  Congrats to Lion Chairman Steve Drew and YOU for coming through with another successful fund-raiser. We answered the call and sold 'em all. Many worthwhile community causes will benefit from this effort in the coming year. ATTA BOYS and GIRLS, fellow Lions!

An Awesome Achievement!

  Congratulations and kudos to Ray Mika, who was selected as the 2017 District 1-A LION OF THE YEAR at the annual convention on Sunday, March 26. Surrounded by fellow Lions, family and friends, the Grand Poobah humbly accepted the award during the convention breakfast at the Westin Hotel in Itasca IL. It is an honor well-deserved and long overdue. ATTA BOY, LION RAY!!!

In addition, Lion Ray was recognized on Thursday, April 27, at City Hall with a resolution from the Calumet City Council acknowledging his many years of community service. 

Tuesday, April 11 -- GENERAL MEETING. Many thanks to guest speakers Rich and Christina for an interesting and informative talk about the in and outs of Beep Baseball. Hopefully, the club's annual donation will provide much-needed financial help to purchase necessary equipment in the coming year. Go Comets!!!

Friday/Sunday, March24-26 -- DIST. 1-A CONVENTION. We gathered at the Westin Hotel in Itasca IL for a weekend of fun and games with fellow Lions throughout the district. A great time was had by all, especially Lion Katie Keilman, who won so many raffles and games that she's been thrust into a higher tax bracket!

 In other news . . . 

Want to learn more about Lionism?  Click on this link (and, don't blink). You may recognize some Cal City Lions at the bottom right in the opening scene at the Art Institute!   Go to --

Well done! Fellow Lions!

Because of YOU . . . we were able to: 
* Provide needed financial aid to: LARC; Guide Dog Foundation; Special Recreation Services; the Chicago Lighthouse; Hadley Institute for the Blind.
* Purchase an Apple I-Pad to help a visually-challenged student at Hoover School with her studies. 
*  Donate approximately 2,000 pairs of eyeglasses to Lions International to be reconditioned and given to those in need;
*  Collect more than 1,000 books that will be distributed to area schools, senior centers, nursing homes and hospitals;
*  Provide necessary eye care for those with vision needs.
AND . . . that's what LIONISM is all about!!!

Used glasses collection locations

    The Calumet City Lions collect used eyeglasses, which are reconditioned and then used to help those less fortunate.
   Local drop-off locations include: America's Best, Bernadin Manor, Calumet City Hall, Calumet City Library, Four Eyes, Lens Crafters, Midwest Eye Care, Our Lady of Knock, Sand Ridge Fitness Center, St. Andrew's, St. Victor's, Wittam Eyecare.
   If you have used glasses to donate or know of a potential drop-off location, contact Eyeglass Collection Chairman Steve Drew (Home: 708/868-8521; Cell: 708/218-6701)
Between the Lions . . .
* * * Congratulations to Lion Steve Drew on attaining the rank of engineer with the Calumet City Fire Department.
* * * Condolences to Lady Lion Joan Graff and her family on the loss of former Calumet City Lion Hal Graff. Please keep them and Lion Hal in your thoughts and prayers.
* * * Lion Dick Hartnett is HOME!!! He thanks everyone for the group card and all the well wishes. They really helped to bouy his spirits. He's doing therapy and getting stronger every day. We'll keep you posted on his progress.
* * * How about a giant ATTA BOY for Lion Leo Valencia, who will become our Zone Chairman next year?
 Happy Birthday      Happy Anniversary
  June 5 -- Mollie Schneider       
  June 18 -- Nancy Mika
  June 22-- Lionel Valencia
  June 26 -- Mary Ann O'Rourke
The Lighter Side
*  If FedEx merges with UPS, would the new company be called FedUp?
*  Knotts Berry Farm and the National Organization of Women could combine to form:  KnottNOW!
*  And, if Grey Poupon and Dockers Pants get together, the end result could be: PouponPants!
Fast Facts:
Did you know? -- The Hundred Years War lasted 116 years (1337 - 1453).
Did you know?  --  Panama hats are made in Ecuador.
Did you know?  -- A camel's hair brush is made of squirrel fur.
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